April 30th / May 1   Beltane
Small Children Activities

1.     Gathering fresh flowers is an old tradition of this Sabbat.  Children can weave paper basket (or a simple cone shaped one with a handle) and fill their basket with flowers. The baskets can then be hung on the doorknob of o friend or neighbor's house to help brighten that person;s day as well.

2.     Herbal sachets are also easy for children to construct and they make wonderful gifts too!  Take a small square of fabric and pile dried herbs or flowers in the center. Gather up the edges and tie it closed with a ribbon.

3.      Another fun projet is to make a floral garland. Gather wild flowers or purchase a couple of bouquets of flowers (daisies are easy to work with). Take a pin and, at the point where the stem meets the bud, make a small slit. Slide the stem of another flower into the slit. Then, make a slit on that flower, and slide another in. Continue this until you have a long train of flowers.

Your floral basket, garland or herbal sachet can be given away or simply hung in a tree as a gift to the God and Goddess.

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