We Are Proud And Honored
To Accept These Special
Awards Of Recognition

All of these awards are Hot Linked to the grantors web sites and are listed on our Individual Links page.

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Catala Award
Catala has such a wonderful site, you can feel
the love and energy she has put into building it.
I am sincerely honored to receive this award.
Thank you Catala...

You will also find links to Catala's on the Webring page. Please make sure you visit Catala's "Let The Truth Be Heard" Ring which I am proud to be a member of.

Realm of the Godess
"Congratulations!!! I am honored to offer you this award from the Godess. I had a great time visiting, keep up the good work!"

Once again I am honored to receive an award from such an exceptional site. Thank you...

If you have not visited Realm Of The Godess, you should. It is truly beautiful and informative.

Ravens Cauldron Award
4/30/97 Beltane Eve
"I have been visiting your page frequently over the last couple days, I like coming here. It's a nice place to be and I am inspired to say the least. Although this award is a small graphic, it is deeply felt." Blessed Be - Maija

Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness Maija. Huggs... One of my goals in offering this site, was to create a space where many would feel comfortable and at ease, to create a sense of family and unite our community. I am deeply pleased you found that aura here.

Maija also has a wonderful website filled with current issues facing our community. If you have not visited Raven's Cauldron, please do, you will be glad you did...

Pagan BOW
4/30/97 Beltane Eve
"Congratulations! Your site has been selected as a recipient of the PAGAN BEST OF THE WEB AWARD. Keep up the good work!"

While each award presented to this site touches me deeply and is very special, this honor is a tremendous surprise. So few of the many Wicca, Pagan and Witchcraft sites on the web are selected to be included in this listing.

I am truly honored that my peers acknowledge this humble site through inclusion here, especially on Beltane Eve. Thank you very much!!!

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