We Are Proud And Honored
To Accept These Special
Awards Of Recognition

All of these awards are Hot Linked to the grantors web sites and are listed on our Individual Links page.

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Lady Kala's
It is an honor to receive this award from Lady Kala.
Her site is one of great beauty which radiates
true Goddess energy and warmth.
Thank you Lady Kala

Tribute To The Goddess
It is very inspiring and satisfying to have such wonderful sites as Deamons' recognize my efforts. Thank you...

If you haven't visited his excellent site, please do.

While Morgan Stardancer and I have not known each other long, she is definitely a kindred spirit who has a wonderful site. I am truly honored to receive this award from her.
She is also a recent recipient of the Pagan Best of the Web Award and rightfully so. Please take the opportunity to visit her site, you won't be sorry!!!

Thank you Morgaine.

Nymue' Award
"Blessed Be Herne! Please accept this Award in recognition of the exceptional site you have. It is a site I visit often."

Another recipient of the Pagan Best of the Web Award, Nymue' is an asset to the Craft community. I am honored to receive this award from such a wonderful person. Her work in bringing awareness of our ways to the world is truly commendable. Please visit soon!

Thank you Nymue' Brightest Blessings!

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