We Are Proud And Honored
To Accept These Special
Awards Of Recognition

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Voice of the Week
May 18 - 24 1997
"This site is truly a work of love. Not only are the graphics incredibly beautiful, but the depth of information offered here is more than we could read in just on visit. The fact that you chose to use this space to offer free information -vs- using it for your catalog tells us loud and clear where your heart is.
Thank you for providing such a wonderful service to the Pagan community!"

When I was notified by Wren Walker that my pages had been selected for this Award, I was both unimaginably excited and deeply touched. After visiting the section on the Witches Voice where those who have been selected are displayed, I was and still am overwhelmed that my humble efforts are considered worthy of such recognition.
Thank you very much, Goddess Bless!

Comhairle Award
"Greetings! I am pleased to announce that after members of the Comhairle visited your site, they have authorized me to tell you that you and yours have been awarded their "Award for Honor." Their decision to award this was based on a number of different things. They include your posting and hense supporting the three Triads which are found on that page, the common sense way that you present the information on your pages, and your obvious dedication to serving the community at large."
Congratulations Cousin! - Ian Mac AnTsaoir

When Ian notified me of the Comhairle presenting me with this rare award, I was overcome with a deep sense of pride and humility at the same time. Their efforts to reunite the Great Celtic Clans is exceptional and I am deeply honored to be recognized by them. Thank you very much! Mile Beannachta!

Witches Web Award
Site of the Week
June 8 - 14 1997
The Witches' Web is proud to celebrate the wonderful efforts of Herne of the Celtic Connection. This weeks award winner offers such in depth information that there's more than I could digest in one visit! And the graphics are so incredible, they certainly put one in the 'Celtic' mood.

I am extremely honored to accept this award from WhiteWolf of the Witches Web. As I initially wrote my thoughts and feelings for this site and chose various works from other authors which I felt best described our belief system and ideals, I often wondered how these pages would be accepted.

To receive this type of overwhelming support and recognition in such a short period of time continually reaffirms my faith that the Lady and Lord are guiding my path.

Thank you and Many Blessings!

Aerta's Award
I'd be very honored if you'd accept my Award for Web Excellence. You have, in my opinion, one of the best thought out, most comprehensive pages on the Web. You are an asset to the Pagan community, and we're fortunate to have you on the net.

Thank you very much for this wonderful Award Aerta, I am continually touched by the warmth and love in which The Celtic Connection has been received on the Web. I have no doubt that through this continued joining of spirit and heart "we will" overcome the centuries of misconception and superstition which has surrounded our way's. Please visit Aerta's site soon and share in the love and warmth she brings to the Web.

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