We Are Proud And Honored
To Accept These Special
Awards Of Recognition

All of these awards are Hot Linked to the grantors web sites and are listed on our Individual Links page.

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I found your page by luck! With a domain name like yours it was bound to happen. It is a delightful site indeed, just beautiful. Very informative, and exquisite by far. Please accept the "OSWARD out of the Broom Closet Award."

I have heard of the wonderful work OSWARD is doing to promote and defend our spiritual beliefs in Ontario, but must admit I had yet to visit their site. I stopped in after receiving this letter and was immediately impressed with the work Darci is doing there. Regardless of whether you are in the Ontario area, I highly recommend that you visit and enjoy this wonderful site. It is packed with important information and links all will find useful. Thank you for this wonderful award and keep up the good work Darci. Witchy Hugs!

ElsAngel's Award
"Congratulations! I am pleased to award your site with the ElsAngel's Halo Award for Web Page Excellence. Your Pagan site brings honor to all of us who practice the Religion and the Craft."

Thank you ElsAngel and I am touched by your kind words. I am continually inspired by the warmth, love and unification which is so apparent and deeply felt within the Pagan/Craft on-line community. I feel it is obvious to all who visit our sites. Through these clear examples, we will lead our beliefs out of the darkness of superstition and fear by the example we set.
Please visit ElsAngel's beautiful pages and celebrate her warmth of spirit. Goddess Bless!

Realm Award

"Your site is excellent and has been around for quite a while, providing inspiration to the Pagan-internet community. I know just how hard web page designing and maintaining can be, and I believe that all web page designers should receive some recognition. However, the sites that remain updated constantly and up-to-date, deserve a lot more. With all this in mind, I am happy to present to you the Award of Mystical Eminence.

Thank you Demon for your kind words and support. I visited the Realm for the first time on June 22nd and it didn't take long before I placed a bookmark so I could easily return. I have seen many sites during my web travels but few with the tremendous amount of information as is offered here. You will find everything from A to Z presented in an honest and unbiased format. Yes there is also a section on Satanism, a subject most Pagans, Wiccan's and Craft members are not too thrilled about, but to form a well balanced and knowledgeable opinion, it is important to know something about the subject. This is a highly recommended site.

Avatar Mystic Site Award
"Congratulations! The Celtic Connection web site has been awarded the Avatar Search "Mystic Site of the Web Award of Excellence." This Award exists exclusively for the benefit of the Mystical and and Occult Communities on the Internet. Its sole purpose is to provide a means of recognition for a Web Site's Achievement and Service to the community.

Your Award Winning Web Site has proven to be among the very finest on the Internet and has demonstrated both Excellence in Design and provides a Critical Resource to Mystics and Occultists Worldwide. Best Wishes!"

We value every award of recognition this site receives from our Internet peers as well as the many hundreds of kind letters sent by visitors. Occasionally however, we receive one which touches us very very deeply. Such is the case with this Award. To be recognized by Avatar Search as one of the finest Mystical Sites on the Internet is a tremendous honor and one which we do not take lightly. This recognition only serves to deepen our commitment to providing "you" our loyal and valuable friends with the information, sense community and solidarity you deserve.

Thank you for your continued loyalty, support and many kind letters. Goddess Bless!

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