We Are Proud And Honored
To Accept These Special
Awards Of Recognition

All of these awards are Hot Linked to the grantors web sites and are listed on our Individual Links page.

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The Moon Glade

Site of the Week 7/13 - 19 1997

Merry Meet. It is my great honor to inform you that
"The Celtic Connection" has won
"The Moon Glade's Best Pagan Site Of the Week" Award, for 7-13-97 through 7-19-97.

This award is given out to those sites that I believe most enhance the search for Wicca/Pagan/Celtic information on the Web. Thank you, and Congratulations!!!
Merry Part, and Blessed Be!
MoonGlade/Story Lord

It is a great honor to be recognized by ones peers for the work we are trying to accomplish here. I am very grateful and deeply touched by this award. Thank you and Many Blessings! Please visit The Moon Glade soon, it is well worth the time to share the insights to be found there.


Mystic Wood

"Here is a gift for you for having such a lovely website. Its so informative. You are truly a benefit to the pagan community, as I also hope to be.
Thank you for your lovely site.

Thank you so much for this beautiful Award Crystalize. From what I have seen, your pages are very nicely done and you are well on your way my friend. Please visit Mystic Wood and share in the warmth of her spirit.

Sidhe Door Award

The Sidhe Door

Your site it truly beautiful and I would like to present you with the Sidhe Door Award for Excellence and would be honored to add a link to your site. Blessed be

Thank you Jessica!
It is always nice to receive such beautiful Awards in recognition of our efforts. However the truly nice bonus to this is that we get visit and become aware of some amazing pages which we did not know existed. The Sidhe Door is definitely a must visit if you have not been there before.

Wytches Croft

The Wytches Croft

To Herne and all at Celtic Connection,
It is my extreme pleasure to present you with the following award:
The Wytche's Award for Excellence.
You are one of only two sites to have been given this award. It is my hope that you will display it proudly on your web site.
Congratulations! and Blessed Be!

Thank you Wytche!
We are honored and touched by your gracious bestowing of this beautiful Award and for your kind words. Indeed it is displayed proudly and we are also most pleased to recommend The Wytches Croft very highly. I visited recently and truly enjoyed my visit.

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