We Are Proud And Honored
To Accept These Special
Awards Of Recognition

All of these awards are Hot Linked to the grantors web sites and are listed on our Individual Links page.

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Epona's Celtic World

You have been selected to receive Epona's Five-Star Pagan Site Award! Well, geez, Herne, there is a link to your site on almost every other page on my site (G). I love your site, it offers so much to the Pagan Community and is beautiful, creative, and informative! Thank you so much for sharing your light with all of us! You truly deserve this award.

Thank you Epona... I remember when you were just beginning your Webmistress adventure and journey down the Celtic path. You have come a very long way quickly dear friend. Your pages have grown into a very special web presence and you represent our beliefs and ways with honor, grace and beauty. My daughter also visits often for she is as drawn to horse energy as much as you.

May your path always be blessed!

Witches' Brew

The Witche's Brew

Greetings and Merry Meet!
You have been chosen as one of the First recipients of Witch's Brew New Purple Rose Awards!

These awards can NOT be applied for. I hand pick and choose each recipient of the awards below. They will not be handed out Lightly as the Path of the Goddess IS a way of life. The sites that are awarded these awards show the unconditional love of both The Goddess and The Self. Each author should be applauded for their dedication to their self and the Goddess..

It is a great honor to be selected by the Witches' Brew and Lady Morgan Moonstone for this beautiful award. We are very grateful and deeply touched by this award. Thank you and Many Blessings! Please visit The Witche's Brew, it is one of the oldest and most complete Craft sites on the internet.

Maidens Dragon
The Maidens Dragon
Site of the Week
9/7/97 - 9/13/97

Thank you Alandys for honoring us in this way. It is through the love of the few that we shall eventually unite our people to bring peace, balance and harmony to the all the Lord and Lady's children.

Tweet's Garden
I just wanted to send you a little token of my esteem, for all of the hard work and love you have put into your pages.

This is an Award that we received a while back and had lost it during an earlier move. Tweet's Garden is truly a wonderful place of peace and harmony and I greatly urge you to visit. She is truly one of the Ladies of the Heart.

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