We Are Proud And Honored
To Accept These Special
Awards Of Recognition

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Nymues' Shining Pentacle Award

Sept 13 - 19 1997

I would like to take this opportunity to present your site with the Shining Pentacle Award . This award is given weekly to the very best of the pagan internet community. It is in recognition of sites that promote unity, awareness and education.

Thank you Nymue... To receive such an honor from one of the finest Wiccan, Pagan and Witchcraft sites on the internet is a true blessing. When we were just starting out, your site served as an inspiration to us at many times along the way. It is gratifying to know that our efforts are considered an asset to the on-line community.

Blessings my friend!

Black Raven's Wicca Page

Merry Meet Herne,
I have been to your page so many times. This was the first page that I read and continued to read when I first started down my path and continued come back and visit often when I have a question about something, or just wanted to know more information about things. And I wanted to give something back and I would be really honored if you would accept my award for Magickal Excellence. Thank you for providing a wonderful place for all of us to gather and learn and experience all these wonderful paths.
Blessed Be
Black Raven

Greetings Black Raven!
One of the things I love about receiving these wonderful awards is that I get to meet so many others who have been touched by the Goddess and are answering her call to step forward. While I feel that can take little if any credit for the comfort and insight The Celtic Connection may bring, it is satisfying to know that so many find truth in the words, and feel the presence of the Lord and Lady in our work.

Through your gracious letter, I became aware of and visited you pages. They are very nicely done. The insight and wisdom you impart through your efforts, are noteworthy and I highly recommend that our visitors also make the time to visit your pages also. You are a credit to the On-line Wiccan/Pagan community.

Gentle Breezes!


Greetings Herne
It is my pleasure to inform you that The Celtic Connection has been selected for Druantia Caliburn's Award of Excellence. You are the first to receive this honor in appreciation for the time and effort that was obviously put into creating your wonderfully informative web site. The Celtic Connection has always felt like home to me and was one of the first sites I found during my quest for information on Earth Based Religions and the ancient Celts. I have learned so much from you and I felt compelled to acknowledge your work and show my appreciation. I hope you will accept this award and display it amongst the many others you have been blessed with.

Many Blessings,
Druantia Caliburn

Merry Meet Druantia,
We are humbly accept this beautiful Award and are deeply honored to be the first recipient. It will be displayed proudly...

Our main focus has always been to provide answers to those who seek knowledge and understanding in listening to the voice of the Lord and Lady calling their children home. I am both pleased and deeply touched that you have found our efforts to be worthy of your time and that you feel comfortable and welcome within our cyber grove. I visited your pages for the first time today and found them to be very beautiful, inviting and insightful. I have no reservations in providing a link and recommendation that our visitors visit your pages. They are skillfully crafted and very informative.

Mile Beannachta!

Prairie's Moonlygt Grove

Hey Herne!
I know it's not much but I would like for you to have my award because i love your page and hope mine is as good as it someday. It is the most informative and not depending on alot of graphics to keep ones attention. It doesn't need it!

Luv Ya

Greetings Prairie!
I can't begin to tell you how special this awared is dear sister... We have worked closely on several projects of benefit to the community and I have the greatest respect for you.

I am deeply touched by this honor and blessed to know your gentle and loving spirit. Gentle Breezes and Witchy Hugs!

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