We Are Proud And Honored
To Accept These Special
Awards Of Recognition

All of these awards are Hot Linked to the grantors web sites and are listed on our Individual Links page.

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Please accept the Celestial Seas Lady's Light  Award for your outstanding job. You provide a WONDERFUL service to the pagan community, Thank You!!!

Merry Meet!
What an absolutely beautiful graphic... Thank you very much for this wonderful honor. We are pleased to be able to serve the community in this way and only wish there were time to do more... There is so much more to do...

Gentle Breezes!


Merry Meet from The Magickal Cauldron!!
All of The Magickal Cauldron staff are great fans of your site, The Celtic Connection.  As a small token of our appreciation of your excellent service to the magickal online community, The Magickal Cauldron would like to present to you our Silver Chalice Award.

This award is bestowed upon sites that, like the Altar Chalice, hold and cherish the magickal elements of the Old Ways.

  We wish you bright blessings!!  Merry Part!!

The Magickal Cauldron Staff

On behalf of the Council, I'd like to thank you all for this very beautiful Award. We are deeply touched and blessed that our peers within the on-line Wiccan, Pagan and Craft community feel we are worthy of this distinction and honor.

We shall display this Award proudly and provide a link back to your pages.

Gentle Breezes!


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