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Greetings!  I'm a California girl transplanted to Kansas.  When I'm not teaching small children I'm involved in local animal rescue groups, expanding my knowledge of Montessori, and helping my small coven grow.

I got my initial training and initiation into the Craft in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 90's after stumbling into a book by Scott Cunningham, devouring it, and deciding to take my training further.  Imagine my surprise on discovering my husband Goatfoot had been secretly Wiccan since his Army days!

We moved to the rural Midwest to be with family (and get away from the crowds!) and continued to practice the Craft as well as teaching 101 classes at our local metaphysical shop.  We were fortunate enough to meet up with a British Traditional Wicca coven, and continued our training through to initiation into Wicca.

All told I was a Solitary Eclectic Witch for about 20 years and  I've been a Wiccan initiate for about a year. Ritual planning and answering questions for Seekers are a joy for me, and I hope to continue to grow in the Craft and make friends on this wonderful site!

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the threads.

BB  Ashe Isadora, Gardnerian 1*

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