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Council & Staff

Founder - Herne 1955-2003

Site Administrator - Kardia

Magical Store  - Crystal

Council Elder - Firesong

Elder - Earthbound Spirit

Council Elder - Arnemetia

Council Elder Draconis Rex

Council Elder C_A

Moderator - Ashe Isadora

Moderator - Alchymist



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Warmest greetings, and welcome to the Celtic Connection!  I hope youíll take the time to look around a bit, and make yourself at home.  Iím sure youíll discover, as I did, that itís a community unlike any other on the web, and I couldn't be prouder of having been given the opportunity to work with Kardia, the other Council members, and Moderators, whose commitment and teamwork make all of this possible.

I was born to a military family, slightly more than a half century ago, in Washington DC.  We moved around a great deal, spending time in Colorado, Japan, Alabama, Ohio, and Virginia.  We moved back to Colorado, in 1968, when my father was sent to Vietnam, and I've been here ever since.

I've always been endowed with a strong love and respect for nature and Her creatures, and as far back as I can remember, I've always been drawn to the wild places, where my connection to my spiritual side invariably seemed the strongest.  As I grew up, nearly all of my spare time was spent exploring a creek bed, or walking in the woods, looking for whatever was around the next bend, or beyond the next stand of trees.  It was that connection which formed the basis for nearly all of my spiritual beliefs and practices, which, for the most part, are very much the same today.

In my late teens, I spent some time studying Nichirn Shohou Buddhism, based on the teachings of Nichirn Daishonen, and later, Hindu philosophy.  I quickly developed a passion for comparative religion, concentrating more on similarities than differences, and in 1997, began my journey into the world of the Witch.

My current interests lie in Kabbalah, and Jewish mysticism, and Gnostic Christianity, as well as the spiritual beliefs, practices, and history of the indigenous tribal people of the Americas.

I'm a retired telecom engineer, I live in Colorado Springs, with my wife,four cats, a parakeet,  and a small parrot;   On the lighter side, I make jewelry, play guitar and Native American flute, write songs and poetry, and bang on my djembe (an African drum).       

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