Links To Author-Lecturers Websites

On this page we will be continually adding links to the web pages of authors within the magickal community who may be of interest.

We hope that you find this service of value. If you know of a site we have not yet listed, please use the contact info link at the bottom of this page to send us the URL and name of the site. We will also add listings of speaking engagements as they become known to us.

Anthony Louis
Astrology, Tarot & Jung

Dorothy Morrison   Kalioppe's Castle
Author, High Priestess, Teacher of Magickal Traditions and member of many organizations working to dispel the misconceptions and unite our community.

   Dr. John Mumford
Tantra, Yantra, Mantra, Yoga, Tattwas, Magic Mythology esoteric information.

Silver RavenWolf
Author, Lecturer

Robin Wood

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