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Firrinys (Truth)  Onoir  (Honor)  Currym  (Duty)

Three beliefs never to be swayed from: One's Gods, one's Oaths, and Truth.
The three highest causes of the upright human: Honour, Duty and Truth.
The three manifestations of humanity: Civility, Generosity and Hospitality.

During my wanderings seeking information of my family history and Scottish/Irish roots, I came to a dead end with few options remaining available. As is so often true, when we are in need or have reached a point where we are ready to progress, the Lady and Lord will open doors or bring someone to us when they deem the time is right. Such was the case here... One afternoon I received mail from one who I would later discover is a distant Cousin in Clan MacIntyre. With Ian Mac AnTsaoir's help, many missing pieces of my Celtic family puzzle have been found.

If you are of Celtic/Gaelic descent but are missing pieces to your heritage or simply curious. I hope these links will assist in your search.

As we move into the new Millennium, may the great Clans reunite. May we rediscover the knowlege long forgotten and once again live in harmony with the earth and nature through the Lady and Lord.

Mile Beannachta! (Many Blessings!)

Over the waves of time things are built, and things decay and become rubble. Yet the Truth survives. The Truth cannot be killed, it can only be hidden beneath the rubble of the millennia. Rubble of societies, rubble of broken emotions, all working to hide the Truth. Only hidden because the Truth can never be destroyed.

One Truth is the power of heritage. Truth as wisdom is transmitted through the traditional tribal ways of the peoples of the Earth. One heritage is not better or more important than another. All are important and valid because the wisdom they carry are the fruits of the accumulated experiences of the Peoples to whom they belong.

And thus do we take back those traditional ways of the pre-Christian tribal Gaelic Celt. For these are the legacy of our ancestors. They are the wisdom and customs of the ages of their experience. By taking them back we shall again walk in strength, beauty and freedom. We shall again take our place in the sacred wheel of the Created. We shall again dance with our cousins in creation and not on them.

-Ian Mac AnTsaoir

Clan MacIntyre
Clan MacIntyre

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