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You've found our Resource Links page.

These sites have been manually reviewed and approved for you.

This page contains helpful websites that deal with information about the Old Ways, Wicca, Witchcraft. Paganism and any paths that embrace nature-based teachings. To be included in this area, websites must promote our connection to the Divine, Nature and Mother Earth.  Websites will be listed on the left as they are reviewed and approved by our Council.

Help us build this resource page!

If you own, or know of a helpful website that teaches the Old Ways and promotes understanding of our connection to Nature and Mother Earth, please submit your recommendation to us.

To submit a Website for listing in this area, simply email feedback@wicca.com with the name, URL and a description of the content.

Our ultimate goal is to improve understanding and tolerance of these ancient nature-based paths that many still follow today.

Resource Link Guidelines

Please note: If you are simply on a quest to exchange links, this list is probably not something you should apply for. Sites listed in this area must meet the following criteria:

The site must be well organized and easy to navigate (few if any broken links) and provide information pages on the Old Ways or nature related topics. Sites with educational content on topics such as herbs, essential oils and gardening are also encouraged to join this Web Ring.

The information must be of value to the Wiccan and Pagan community, well researched and consist of mainly original material. This is important! If your site relies heavily on someone else's work and you only mirror their efforts, it will not be listed here.. Likewise, appropriate credit "must" be given to the original author and links provided to their site if available. Nine times out of ten, our Council reviewers will know if you are plagiarizing someone else's work. Web ethics are an important issue with us. This applies to graphics too!

Personal Pages that do not contain information of benefit to  the community will not be given consideration. Simply having a page that says "Hi! my name is so-and-so, these are my hobbies and interests." will not qualify.   Personal biographies are nice, but provide little value as a community resource.

Pages offering only links will not qualify.

The purpose of this area is to offer links to other wesites, blogs or forums that will provide visitors with quality information to help them better understand our general beliefs and practices.  

Thank you for your help in building this resource for the Wiccan and Pagan community!


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