Scott Cunningham
1956 - 1993

There are many varying opinions concerning Wicca, Witchcraft and the Neo-Pagan reconstruction movements we see today. It would appear there are as many different ways to walk this path as there are people traveling it. I suppose it is the freedom to follow the path which our inner voice tells us is right that has drawn so many, and continues to do so.

Since the 1950's, there have been several people of integrity and wisdom who have had the courage to share gifts of insight with us. Almost without exception, those of us who walk this path of enlightenment, harmony and balance, as well as those who will join us in the future owe a great debt of gratitude to these selfless people. Quite often they spoke and wrote of subjects which brought scorn, ridicule and harassment from a world blinded by centuries of fear, and misconception.

Authors such as Starhawk, Raymond Buckland, Doreen Valiente, Laurie Cabot, Silver RavenWolf, Gerina Dunwich, Stewart and Janet Farrar, Issac Bonewits, Israel Regardie, D.J. Conway and Zsuzsanna Budapest have done so much do dispel the myths and bring our religion out of the shadows.

As much as I have enjoyed their works, there was one who's ability to touch the spirit and soul is indeed profound. Scott Cunningham's ability to express his perspective and experience in a clear forthright way has helped many find, and understand the true meaning of being Wicca and walking this path.

For me personally, Scott's insight guided me towards a positive path at a time when influences were strongly drawing me to a negative one. His writings will always remain a favorite part of my library.


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