Relaxation is important when you journey. A simple relaxation exercise is to sit or lie down and close your eyes. Feel your muscles as you relax. Breath deeply. Become aware of gravity and how it affects you. Feel its pull. Become aware of every part of your body. I sometimes get the sensation I am sinking into what ever I am sitting on when I do this. Remember to keep breathing deeply, but comfortably. Realize that although your body is affected by gravity your mind is not.

This is also a good way to ground yourself. Grounding, or becoming centered, is very important if you use shamanic practices since it is so easy to let yourself become unaware of the physical world and lose your "here"ness. Being grounded means being aware of yourself and the physical world around you. Being so hectic that you become scatter-brained is a sign of being ungrounded. Getting outside and feeling the physical world around is another good way of getting grounded. Many think the physical world and the spirit world have a closer link outside. Fresh air and a bit of relaxation from your hectic life is a good idea one way or the other. Another way to ground yourself is to become aware of your physical self much like you did in the relaxation exercise. then become aware of the earth. Feel the earth energy drain out your negative feelings and tension and then fill yourself with the earth energy.

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