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July 22, 2014, 02:32:29 PM
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 on: July 21, 2014, 08:08:54 PM 
Started by leryssa - Last post by Firesong
If they say "we'll pray for you" just say "Thank you, I'll perform a rite for you." Watch their faces drop....LoL

Actually, I'm honored when anybody wants to appeal to their deity on my behalf.  Nothing in my understanding of Christianity would be in conflict.  The problem is that too many people focus on the Bible, as in the KJV.

The G-d of the Old Testament, is just a shallow, 1-dimensional view of the G-d of Torah.  If you don't speak Hebrew, you can't read Torah, since it is written in Hebrew, and any translations are merely shadows of what lies within; it is reproduced exactly the same way, with exactly the same Hebrew characters without vowels, where every character has several different and distinct meanings, in the form of the literal translation, as well as in conjunction with metaphor, allegory, sometime with the assistance of additional information, or in a metaphysical sense... that's why Talmud is a little over 6,000 pages...

The Hebrew G-d, the G-d of Abraham, was not a G-d of jealousy; nothing could be further from the truth.  He as a jealous G-d, in other words, he made a contract with the ancient Hebrews, through Moses, to be their advocate, if they would maintain His word and law on Earth.  That covenant contains the 10 Commandments, which are the rules and terms of the contract.  One was that the Hebrews should have no other G-d before Him.  In doing so, they would break the covenant. 

One of the results of the covenant was the designation as the "chosen people", which is commonly understood to mean "elite", but again  it couldn't be further from the truth; it means that they and only they, are burdened with the responsibility of maintaining G-d's law.  In a way, they were "chosen" as Job was "chosen", ("Behold my servant Job...")  Certainly not my cup of tea... LOL

As a  gnostic (small g) Christian, I see most if not all Christian churches as abominations.  Any ill will you feel there isn't from G-d, but from the people who believe they need some kind of intermediary, such as a priest, or minister, to understand their own deity.  They are anti Pagan, Jew, or whatever, and mistrust anybody who doesn't adhere to the words of Paul.  The New Testament should really be called the Book of Paul... there is wisdom there, but it's perspective is skewed.

 on: July 21, 2014, 07:55:58 PM 
Started by leryssa - Last post by leryssa
No one has ever told me they'd pray for my conversion. The few who know accept it as apart of me.

 on: July 21, 2014, 07:48:31 PM 
Started by leryssa - Last post by Ashe Isadora
If they say "we'll pray for you" just say "Thank you, I'll perform a rite for you." Watch their faces drop....LoL
Depends on the context.  If they want to pray for my conversion if ticks me off. It's rude.  However if they want to pray for my well being well heck, we can all use a shot of positive energy and good thoughts. That's rather sweet.

 on: July 21, 2014, 07:44:34 PM 
Started by Jamni90 - Last post by Ashe Isadora
Church of All Worlds grew out of Heinlein's book Stranger In A Strange Land.  But his paganism (though he'd scoff) weaves throughout many of his books, especially Methuselah's Children and  Time Enough For Love, though there were many more.

 on: July 21, 2014, 07:37:23 PM 
Started by Jamni90 - Last post by Ashe Isadora
Jamni 90, Wicca is an initiatory mystery religion that one is taught. It's impossible to be born Wiccan even if your parents were.  Wicca is defined by the specific way they perform ritual and honor the gods.  In other words, they are orthopraxic.  That being said, some people may be born with better concentration, good visualization skills, intuition about people, and other things that can be valuable to an aspiring Wiccan or other type of witch. Then again those qualities may make the person a good car salesman or psychologist.

That being said many Wiccans and other pagans believe that we are born carrying past life memories.  Those memories may attract certain people to the occult.  However that does not mean they were born with Great Magical Powers, only that they MAY have the capacity to develop certain talents and they MAY have an affinity for the type of worship one finds in Wicca or in other forms of witchcraft.

I hope this isn't confusing, but the bottom line is you aren't born a Wiccan or any other  sort of witch. Wicca is a religion and witchcraft is a learned skill.  However, some people  do seem more likely than others to flourish in the Craft as they grow older and there are many reasons this can happen.

Ashe Isadora, Trad Wiccan

 on: July 21, 2014, 07:35:00 PM 
Started by Jamni90 - Last post by Firesong
Nobody here is going to be offended Jam, we all have our own beliefs - or not as the case may be. I myself have a cousin who calls herself an Atheistic Pagan, she has always had this belief and/or attitude, and I myself am a Heinlein Pagan (sounds better than agnostic...).

Heinlein Pagan, as in the Church of All Worlds?

 on: July 21, 2014, 07:27:11 PM 
Started by leryssa - Last post by Draconis Rex
Simply saying "Goddess blessings" is often enough to pull them up short.

 on: July 21, 2014, 07:23:56 PM 
Started by leryssa - Last post by leryssa
I wonder how many different ways I could say that.. cast a spell, pray to my Goddess/Gods...

 on: July 21, 2014, 07:19:27 PM 
Started by leryssa - Last post by Draconis Rex
If they say "we'll pray for you" just say "Thank you, I'll perform a rite for you." Watch their faces drop....LoL

 on: July 21, 2014, 07:15:37 PM 
Started by leryssa - Last post by leryssa
Leryssa, christian upbringing can be difficult to forget or disregard. We are saturated in christianity in the US and many feel uneasy in certain situations. I can identify with your unease in the bookstore. Sometimes we have to slowly back away and then resolve our reason for doing so with what we truly believe.
Very true Mari, it took me a loooooong time to get rid of guilt complexes related to my cross over from Christianity to Paganism, even though I was never really a true Christian and had backslid many years prior.
Even today I still get an occasional twinge. Churches do make me uncomfortable but it's only me, and hymns make me cringe inside (they always did); I hate hymnal.
Also took me awhile to get rid of the guilt complexes as well, but personally, I just never felt comfortable in a church. Some hymns are nice, but I could care less about them really. I do have issues though with me having to sneak and hide to learn anything about Paganism, let alone witchcraft. Makes me sad when I'm over in the Occult section at Barnes & Noble and my sister glaring at me for being there. I honestly could stay at that section all day and the Eastern Religions section if my family wasn't around on book excursions.
I dislike when Christians say they'll pray for me. I gulp and say thank you, but all I can think about is the OT G-d "blessing" me with more heardship.
I too dislike having to hide.. My mom came over recently and I had to throw my purse over my Wiccan books and try to sneak my Wiccan calendar somewhere less visible.
Hymms always gave me a headache but there was a time I liked the meaning behind the music.

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