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July 13, 2014, 06:33:05 PM
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 on: Today at 11:10:14 AM 
Started by Arnemetia - Last post by DarkShadows
Hello everyone. I'm DarkShadows. I came across this forums site while searching for protection charms against dark matter. It seems interesting here so I decided to join to get questions answered and to learn more about the path I have chosen. Struggling to get used to the layout of this site though. Having trouble finding specific subjects and understanding posting methods... First time joining a forums site. Heheh

 on: Today at 10:36:07 AM 
Started by Ashe Isadora - Last post by Aunt Thora
So happy for you Armemetia. 

I have no real favourite seasons.  There is something in each that appeals to me and something in each that doesn't;  and in each there seems to always be something for me to learn.  And I love that. 

 on: Today at 09:41:13 AM 
Started by Ashe Isadora - Last post by Valerie
My favourite seasons are autumn and winter, I love to gather berries and hedgerow freebies x

 on: Today at 09:31:27 AM 
Started by Ashe Isadora - Last post by Draconis Rex
And who better to have her first celebration with? brilliant Arn sounds great to me.

Ashe: if you think my fire pit sounds cool, you should see Arn's outdoor fireplace..... now there's something to be jealous off.

 on: Today at 09:24:37 AM 
Started by Arnemetia - Last post by Arnemetia
Welcome Cat.  Enjoy your journey.

 on: Today at 09:21:08 AM 
Started by Ashe Isadora - Last post by Arnemetia
I will be spending Lammas in Alaska with my youngest son !!!  We have been talking about doing something together.  A bale fire, food and simple ritual.  The next generation (my granddaughter) will also be there, her first pagan celebration, so thrilled it will be with Grandma !!!

 on: Today at 07:49:23 AM 
Started by Ashe Isadora - Last post by Draconis Rex
 ;D Heinlein Pagan.... Love it! I might just adopt that. I haven't read any Heinlein for years although I do remember him having a quirky sense of humour.

I am fortunate in that I live in the country, so when the fields turn I do see that, and the trees when they colour. The city is a different kettle of fish though, I was born and brought up in the centre of Edinburgh, it was all about the calendar there; the grey tended to change to grey during seasonal changes....LoL.

I'll try and get a pic at some point of the fire pit, give you an idea what it is. It took a forktruck to load the thing into the car when I got it, and a forktruck to take it back out again. Even cut down it's extremely heavy.

 on: Today at 06:16:14 AM 
Started by Ashe Isadora - Last post by Ashe Isadora
My favorite sci fi author  commented (paraphrase)  "I don't know who's out there moving the universe around, I just hope they keep cranking".  Maybe you're a Heinlein pagan, Drac. I'm convinced Robert Heinlein was a closet pagan and he'd get a good laugh.

Here in the Midwest there's a general yellowing somehow in the environment around Lammas.  Lots of ripening corn, the prairie grass is browning out, the sky is less blue.  You can just feel a change coming.  I don't know if it's as obvious in Scotland.

I like your idea for a balefire!  I hope you enjoy.

 on: July 12, 2014, 05:26:27 PM 
Started by Ashe Isadora - Last post by Draconis Rex
What does this time mean to me? As a Pagan I view this time much the same as other Pagans I guess, and as you rightly point out, it is a time of transition, and preparation for the fading of the summer months. It is also a time for appreciation for what we have been given.

I have to admit, sometimes I find it hard to relate my side to others as an Agnostic Pagan. (I really need to find another word, Agnostic has such negative undertones....LoL)

 on: July 12, 2014, 04:48:00 PM 
Started by Ashe Isadora - Last post by Draconis Rex
When you break away the crust, basically I am a simple man, and I tend to like things that way. For my part, my celebration of these times will be the same; simple.

Not so long ago I pulled out a huge compressed air tank and I had it cut down in size to make a forge (it never got used as such) so it now gets used as my fire pit. With this it is easier to celebrate the fire festivals with a small fire in this pit. The appropriate foods and drink will be present and I will sit and meditate on the time past and the darker months that will soon follow.

As a Solitaire I will likely be doing this quietly by myself, but I may invite a couple of friends to join me but again the celebration itself will be private to me alone. If my finances can stretch I will make some appropriate foods, i.e. bread, cake, earth food. Also being Scotland, the invites to friends will be weather dependant ....LoL

Mabon itself will be mostly meditative.

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