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November 27, 2015, 02:59:14 AM
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 on: November 16, 2015, 06:55:45 PM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by Draconis Rex
I think everything from previous lives comes back to us, but it's the lessons learned that return rather than the memory per se. Remember, heartache is also a part of life as much as love, hate, joy, sadness, pain, pleasure, et al. The experiences are certainly there but in every experience there is a lesson to be learned.

As Mari said, Summerland is more a place of reflection and relaxation in preparation for the next incarnation.

 on: November 16, 2015, 05:41:20 PM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by lestat
I was thinking a bit more about this, and the concept of "ego" came to mind. I recall some thesis and discussion on what happens to the "ego" when we part. When people encounter shades or "ghosts", that this is the "ego" that was shed, as the core of ones self moved on.

Is it only the "ego" that would mourn these memories?

Just more food for the trough.

 on: November 16, 2015, 04:20:05 PM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by lestat
The concept of a time and place between lives, whether its summerland or other, really does draw much thought and discussion. Once released from one capsule and awaiting the next, does the entity that has been enriched from that sojourn in the flesh then regain all of their memory?

I can't think of anything worse if I'm honest. Think of an eternity's heart ache, loves ones dying anew in your memory. People leaving, things left undone, so many things an eternity worth of memory could bring back.

Or, does the peace we've built around these events also flood back? Is this dependent on your last experience in the flesh?


 on: November 16, 2015, 01:48:58 PM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by marisol
I have spoken to people who believe that if we have not learned and made amends for the harm we may have caused in this lifetime,
we will be revisited by these same transgressions in the next. This will continue from one reincarnation to the next until the problem is understood and solved.

Summerland is to me a place of rest and understanding ourselves. Ultimately a choice can be made to remain or reincarnate. It would seem any memories of a past life would be erased and one would start with a fresh slate.  A new life that could advance our souls
closer to spiritual enlightenment. Summerland itself is not a place of punishment, but of reflection. I find it hard to believe that anyone
would be denied entrance or not given a chance to prove that they can change and be a soul that can improve in the next life and
be more than they were in the past.Well just my two cents.


 on: November 16, 2015, 11:52:03 AM 
Started by Marigold - Last post by marisol
Hello Kuerden we would like to know a little about you. An introduction would solve that....


 on: November 16, 2015, 08:13:01 AM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by Draconis Rex
This is an interesting take, definitely worthy of discussion, bearing in mind ones belief in Summerland and how it works may have a large bearing on the subject.

 on: November 16, 2015, 07:33:41 AM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by oldghost
Met a man where I do my dialysis who is visiting his great grand children . He is from India , he notice my medallions and started to talk to me about many things about beliefs . So to make a long story short , we got on to the topic of reincarnation . At 91 he has told me that his older sibling and parents have been reincarnated but for his one sister who for reasons that where never told him took he own life at the age of 9 . It is his belief that she can not return and be reborn until she has somehow made amends for taking here own life .

Never heard anything like this before and know people that have misused there beliefs and nothin bad has happened to them I was thinking about the Three fold law of return , could it be that it does not happen when we are still in our present form but when we get to the Summerland . So does that mean that what ever bad we do in this world we pay for in the next before we can return ?.

Does anyone here remember if that ever happened to them , is it just time or are there labors that must be preformed . Could there be a point where one has gone and done so much bad that they can never return ?.

 on: November 16, 2015, 06:53:46 AM 
Started by bluedjango - Last post by oldghost
bluedjango , have you done and introduction yet ?.

 on: November 15, 2015, 05:32:32 PM 
Started by bluedjango - Last post by bluedjango
Blessed be.

Ive been meditating for slightly over ten years and would love to chat to other who are meditating.

 on: November 15, 2015, 04:49:09 PM 
Started by Marigold - Last post by Kuerden D˙ghlas
Love the name Marigold, and love how you came by the name--in the regression, which is also intriguing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thanks for all the replies!  So glad I found this forum  :)  I'll try to keep it short (good luck to me). 

During my first regression, there was nothing but darkness, and I thought it wasn't working.  Then, out of nowhere, a man's deep voice with a heavy Irish or Scottish (?) accent called me Marigold.  The voice was so close, so clear, and so real, it shook took me out of the state I was in.  I opened my eyes half-excepting to see someone next to me.  I knew right away the voice belonged to father in my past life, and Marigold was my nickname given to me due to red hair.  I immediately adapted it as my Wiccan name.  During my second regression, I found myself in what was definitely my bedroom (bed chamber).  The room was fairly small, with a narrow bed pushed to the wall, and large triangular windows with heavy frames from wall to wall, placed a bit higher, toward the ceiling.  Looking outside, I could see a lush green hillside and large body of water (a lake?) ahead.  The house was on top of a hillside.  I knew there was someone waiting for me outside, but the only way to get there was to go downstairs through the main dining room, and I knew there was a large family dinner underway, so I couldn't leave unseen.  I looked in a kind of a looking glass before leaving my room... I was a slender girl of 16-18, with very long wavy red hair, blue eyes, wearing a type of corseted dress, like in the 18th century.  I went downstairs, knowing that I'll have to join everyone for dinner, and won't be able to go outside and join the person waiting for me, which was making me very anxious.  Downstairs, I saw a huge dinning room, with a huge table in the middle, with about 20 people seating at it.  Every face was a blur, except for a large man with red hair, who I knew immediately was my father.  I know my mother was there too, but her face was a blur.  My father invited me to sit down with them, and when I did, I realized the person who I thought was waiting for me outside was also at the table, which surprised me to no end.  His face was a bit of blur also, but I know he had dark hair.  As the dinner progressed, it was becoming clear, that we were betrothed, and were going to get married.  The overwhelming emotions were too much, and I came back.  I've tired coutnless times to do another regression and go back to that dinner, but I can't seem to do it.  I've come back to other days in that same place a few times, and it was wonderful too.

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