God wrote not the laws in the pages of books, but in your heart and in your spirit. 

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Christianity vs Paganism

Bridging the Religious Gaps FAQs 

Will Goodness Be Punished?

Explanations of the Christian Faith & God



 Christianity vs Paganism
Bridging the Religious Gaps

If you've ever had trouble sharing your beliefs with another, you'll certainly appreciate the information in this area!  The pages offer valuable insights that can help bridge the huge gaps of misunderstanding between those who follow the traditional Christian faith and the individuals of the old Earth or Nature based religions.  Clearly these paths are not at odds in the eyes of the divine, but if we ever hope to achieve our true destiny in spiritual evolution, we must first overcome any lack of understanding and intolerance of other paths. 

This area should be of great interest to Christians as well, because Kardia's spiritual foundation is in Christianity and the teachings of Jesus.  Her research over the years has led to the study of ancient texts and documents in both Greek and Hebrew.  Through these studies, she has made some very interesting discoveries pertaining to what the original texts taught in comparison to what the modern church is teaching.  Kardia is eclectic in that she leans heavily toward the teachings and philosophies of the Essenes. For those who are not familiar with the Essenes, they are considered by many to have been the first Christians, whose beliefs and lives where closely bound to nature and the earth.  This will indeed be an interesting forum and quite enlightening to many.



Explanations of the Christian Faith & God

Will Goodness Be Punished?

Bridging Religious Gaps FAQ

Christianity vs Paganism

Teachings of the Elect 


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For in the Infinite Garden there are many and diverse flowers:

Who shall say that one is best because its color is purple,

Or that one is favored because its stalk is long and slender?

Though the brothers be of different complexion,

Yet do they all toil in the vineyard of the Earthly Mother,

From the
Gospel of  Peace


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