God wrote not the laws in the pages of books, but in your heart and in your spirit. 

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Essene Teachings

If anything can help bridge the gaps between the modern day Christian beliefs and the ancient earth religions, it's knowledge of the community once known as the Essenes.  Who were they?  Some (including myself), believe they were the first 'Christians'... and that Jesus himself was an Essene!  Most historical descriptions of the Essenes and their practices, are virtually identical to the descriptions of the early Church in the Bible..

At the same time, many Essene teachings parallel those from various nature-based spiritual paths. This may be one of the main reasons many have attempted to 'prove' there was no real connection between the Essenes and the early Christians! To help clear up the confusion regarding this subject, I'd like to provide you with a few facts, and let YOU decide who you think they were. The links below will take you to this information. It's my sincere hope, that as more Christians discover what *I* believe are the true teachings of the early Church, that the fear and misunderstanding that surrounds other nature-based paths will slowly become a thing of the past. 

If you enjoy reading our parallel facts and teachings, you're encourage to share them. Then, you'll be able to offer these 'interesting facts' to any who attempt to condemn what they believe are non-Christian practices and beliefs.  But, understand that these historical writings will be reviewed more willingly if individuals are simply asked for their opinions or help in proving or disproving the information. So, please be kind and present everything in a positive way!

Peace and health be with you,

Kardia Zoe

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For in the Infinite Garden there are many and diverse flowers:

Who shall say that one is best because its color is purple,

Or that one is favored because its stalk is long and slender?

Though the brothers be of different complexion,

Yet do they all toil in the vineyard of the Earthly Mother,

From the
Gospel of  Peace



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