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Suggested Reading for Beginners and Solitary Practitioners of Wicca!

If you've been drawn to this path but need a little extra guidance, we highly recommend the Living Wicca Today books. They were originally written as a 12 week course to help beginners and solitary practitioners explore the enchanted path of Wicca.

The entire course is now available in two books!
*Note: Buy Now buttons are on the right and Customer Reviews can be found at the bottom of this page.

Volume 1 will help you find your connection to the Earth and all that is natural and alive in the universe. Your life will take on a magical air and magic will begin to flow as you live in balance with the rhythms of nature, knowing that you are a vital force within that flow.

Alter you've explored the 21 Wiccan celebrations in the Wheel of the Year, then you'll read about: Working With Magic, Generating Positive Magic, Avoiding Negative Magic, Developing a Magical Mind, Creating Sacred Space, Your Magical Tools, Increasing Magical Energy, Grounding, Raising Energy, Casting Circles and More! Use the Buy Now button on the right to order your copy today.

Volume 2, Casting Spells & Talking to the Goddess, will help the beginner understand the Universal Laws that ultimately determine whether spells succeed or fail. You’ll receive guidance on how to use herbs, crystals and candles to create spells that enrich your life and improve the world around you. This book also covers how to improve your connection with the Goddess. Volume 2 can be ordered now, but will not will be available to ship until the end of May.

These Living Wicca Today books will give you a solid foundation to build on as you continue to explore this extraordinary path.  

Read what others have said about this series below.

You can download Living Wicca Today eBooks here.  

Book Reviews:

Volume 1

"This book is an absolute necessity for the library of Wiccans and seekers. The book is written in a positive spirit and gets right to the heart of the matter in simple down to earth language. The author has done a valuable service to the Wiccan community "

"The images and gentle instruction that are conjured with the words are fabulous. I have recommended it to all of my spiritual friends."

 "This is very easy to read and understand. I love the family activities and the recipes."

"I found the first part very informative and it provided a great general knowledge of the Pagan holidays. The second part of the book was even better in my opinion. This is the first book of many that I have read that shows the importance of personalizing your own magical path. Too many people believe with the "correct" tools and correct "recipes", magic should just work smoothly. The true magic is in your thoughts and your energy! I think Kardia does an outstanding job of relaying the importance of these pertinent facts!"

"This is a very well formed book. It is definitely a book I would suggest for beginners and as a source of information that would be perfect for one's BOS. There is a glossary at the end that is quite thorough and helpful. I love the way the author set the information to flow in a steady stream instead of being choppy. I would say it is a must read."

Volume 1 - Pagan Holidays & Earth Magic
Paperback 116 pages $8.95


Volume 2

"A brilliant introduction of casting spells. Kardia Zoe gently and thoroughly explains to the beginner Wiccan the foundations of spell casting. She puts emphasis on the how and why a spell may or may not work while giving strong principles and reasonings thereof. Exceptionally well written and thought out, this book explains in an easy to use and easy to understand manner. Truly a treasure trove of information Kardia Zoe had also listed in her book the different types of candles, stones and herbs and gives an explanation of how and what they are used for when spell casting. This incredible "starter book" is one in which it will be put to good use time after time. Excellent . I love this book!"

"I really enjoyed this practical and thoughtful guide for casting spells. I have never read another Wiccan/Pagan book that so clearly tries to convey the importance of one's own thoughts, feelings, and energies. When I first began practicing Paganism, I could not understand why my magic didn't always work...years later I realized that even though I thought I was sending out positive energy...I wasn't. ...I wish I had read this book 20 years ago!!"

"Just finished reading this book and I appreciated the explanation regarding why some spells work and other do not. I have been reading books on Wicca on and off for over 40 years and I wish I had found this book years ago. The information in the book is very enlightening and it would be an extremely good reference book for beginners."

Volume 2 - Casting Spells & Talking to the Goddess

Print Edition is available for preorder now Ships at the end of May 2015


Meet the Author

 Subscriber Comment - "I want to thank you for organizing the information given in the Wicca lessons. It took me years to know about 3/4 of the information in these lessons. Thanks to these publications, even more knowledge is being gathered.

Subscriber Comment - "Thank you so much for the series.  It has been a wonderful boost to years of living this Path.  Sometimes we all need reminders!"

Your interest in, and support of our work is sincerely appreciated.  May the ancient wisdom you embrace today enrich and bless you on your personal journey.

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Volume 1 - Pagan Holidays & Earth Magic
Paperback 115 pages $8.95


Volume 2 - Casting Spells & Talking to the Goddess - Order now - Ships at the end of May 2015

Preorder Now - This book ships at the end of May, 2015.


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