Living Wicca Today

For Beginners and Solitary Practioners
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Subscriber Comment -"These lessons are great. I have been studying Wicca for almost a year now and Living Wicca Today has been the most straight foreword with information for me. I'm not getting overloaded and overwhelmed. The message is simple and easy to integrate into my life."

Do you feel drawn to the Old Ways but don't know what steps to take next?  Perhaps you were called by the Goddess years ago and simply need a refresher course to help you reinforce her ancient wisdom in your life now.  Living Wicca Today can provide you with the guidance you need and give you a solid foundation to build on as you continue your journey on this extraordinary path. 

Subscriber Comment - "This is a difficult path to begin to follow on your own and I so appreciate these classes!  Thanks so much!"

The initial publications have been divided into 12 lessons.  A new lesson is automatically emailed to you each week, providing step-by-step guidance through the learning process. You’ll receive an accurate overview of the most important areas, and discover what Wicca is all about, the way magic really works, and most importantly, how to apply this ancient wisdom in your life today!  If you are new to the Craft, this course will get you pointed in the right direction and give you a solid foundation to build on.  If you have been following the path but drifted away from practicing, it can reconnect you and inspire you to get going again.  Either way, it is designed to enrich your life!  

Subscriber Coment -"Yet again, nothing but "kudos" for the Living Wicca Today course.  I cannot believe the value of my dollars in subscribing to this! … I am taking this as a refresher course, but I am so pleased to see the information that I seek so neatly categorized and simple, but concise.  …if anyone is hemming/hawing over this subscription....Don't! The value is beyond compare; and the lessons, whether beginner or advanced, are excellent. "

We know that learning is an ongoing process, and it is virtually impossible to pack everything you need to know into 12 short weeks.  Thus, your educational publications will not end after the initial lessons.  Subscribers to Living Wicca Today willl continue to receive bonus publications, at least once every quarter, with informative articles about incorporating these ancient teachings into your life today.  These extra publications will be sent to all who have helped support this site by purchasing this subscription.

Subscriber Comment - "Just wanted to let you know that I am still really enjoying these lessons. Everything is so neatly summarized and I love the links. Looking forward to the next lessons. Thanks. Goddess Bless.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although these publications cover much of the same information as a full degree program, we do NOT issue degrees for this course. We are not a coven or religious order. Our goal is simply to provide a quality education that is affordable to all who seek guidance in the ways of Wicca and Witchcraft.  Your one time subscription fee of $14.95 is used to maintain this website and its continuing efforts to promote understanding and tolerance of the Old Ways.  

Subscriber Comment - "I want to thank you for organizing the information given in the Wicca lessons. It took me years to know about 3/4 of the information in these lessons. Thanks to these publications, even more knowledge is being gathered."

Lesson Outline for Living Wicca Today:

1.  General Beliefs & Practices.  The Teacher Within. Your Book of Shadows.

2.  The Deities. Gods and Goddesses

3.  Sabbats &  The Wheel of the Year

4  Esbats & Moon Lore

5.  Rituals and Pagan Celebrations

6.  Tools of the Craft, Before You Cast a Spell,  How Magic works

7. Magic in the Home, Creating Altars & Sacred Space.

8.  .Candle Magic, Working with Crystals, Incense, Oils & Brews

9.   Nature Magic, Healing, Herbs, The Kitchen Witch, The Magical Garden

10. Casting Circles, Grounding, Raising Energy, Elements & Elementals

11. Divination and Intuition, Developing Your Abilities

12.  Meditation, Staying Connected, Living the Path

"Thank you so much for the series.  It has been a wonderful boost to years of living this Path.  Sometimes we all need reminders!"

Your interest in and support of our website is sincerely appreciated.  May this ancient wisdom enrich your life and bless you on your personal journey!