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Secret Teachings of the Essene Elect
NOTICE: Our e-course is being converted to print and will be available again in 2015. Thank you for your patience!

This publication will cover the original teachings of the Essene Elect and their profound knowledge of nature's ancient wisdom. Translated from manuscripts nearly two thousand years old, virtually all traces of these writings have been removed from modern Christian doctrine.  

You will explore the beautiful Essene writings about our Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father, and learn how to apply their Divine wisdom in your life today.  The course will also reveal how similar these early Christian teachings were to other Pagan beliefs. We sincerely believe this iknowledge can help bridge the huge gaps that currently divide our religions, promoting peace between all.

Content Outline for Teachings of the Elect:

1.  Who Were the Essenes?  Understanding Essene Terminology.

2. The Deities - Heavenly Father, Earthly Mother and the Messengers.

3.  The Angels of the Earthly Mother - Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Life Spirit

4.  The Angels of the Heavenly Father

5.  The Brotherhood, The Angels, The Trees, The Stars, The Moon

6.  Sevenfold Peace - Nature and Man, The Laws of Nature

7.  The Gospel of Peace - Teachings for a Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit

8.  Teachings of the Essene - from Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls

9.  Essene Book of Moses - Essene Version of the 10 Commandments

10.  Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood

11.   The Gift of Life in the Humble Grass, Holy Streams of Life

12.   Essene - Christian Connection,  Applying the Essene Teachings  

NOTE:  The course above is our present lesson plan and is subject to change from time to time without notice.


 Your interest in, and support of our work is sincerely appreciated.  May the ancient wisdom you embrace today enrich and bless you on your personal journey.

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 Secret Essene Teachings

Into the innermost circle have you come, into the mystery of mysteries...


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