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Council & Staff

Celtic Connection Founder - Herne

Administrator - Kardia

Wicca Store  - Crystal

Elder - Firesong

Elder - Earthbound Spirit

Elder - Arnemetia

Elder Draconis Rex

Elder - C_A

Mod - Ashe Isadora

Mod - Alchymist

Meet Council Elder C_A 


C_A,  what can we say?  Wiccan since those halcyon days of the 1970's, he holds Third Degree initiation in the three major traditions of Orthodox Wicca - Gardnerian, Alexandrian and Seax, as well as being well versed in most other orthodox traditions and many minor ones.

As the man that gave us the phrases "Wicca With Meatballs" and "McWicca" as well as others, he is a staunch defender of the orthodoxy of Wicca...he is militant about the maintaining of Wicca "as it was in the days of the founders", according to Wiccan Scripture.

His many interests include hot rods, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, hunting, fishing and time at the range as well as his native Italian cooking and gardening and writing conservative political opinion columns, blogs and podcasts from the perspective of a Wiccan with a military and law-enforcement background.  Even though, as well, he also has a humorous side.  Yes, sometimes that side can have the finely honed edge of a good quality baseball bat, we've all learned to love that quality in him!

His tenure here at TCC spans many years and many, many threads.  First as a member, then as a mod and finally as a Council Elder as of 2014.

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