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Council & Staff

Celtic Connection Founder - Herne

Administrator - Kardia

Wicca Store  - Crystal

Elder - Firesong

Elder - Earthbound Spirit

Elder - Arnemetia

Elder Draconis Rex

Elder - C_A

Mod - Ashe Isadora

Mod - Alchymist


The Celtic Connection Council & Staff serve as intermediaries and contact points between The Celtic Connection and those visiting in search of knowledge. The individuals selected are chosen because they are knowledgeable in specific areas of the old traditions and beliefs and are willing to share their experience and insight with those just beginning their journey.  We rely heavily upon our Council members to interact and share knowledge, experience and insight with guests.   They serve as mentors and guides to those who wish to learn, understand and follow the peaceful Earth and Nature Based beliefs.

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 Founder Herne   Administrator Kardia   Store Manager Crystal

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