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Celtic Connection Founder - Herne

Administrator - Kardia

Wicca Store  - Crystal

Elder - Firesong

Elder - Earthbound Spirit

Elder - Arnemetia

Elder Draconis Rex

Elder - C_A

Mod - Ashe Isadora

Mod - Alchymist

Meet Crystal 

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Owner/manager of our online Wiccan Store

I was born in Oregon in 1984 and have lived here all of my life. The area here is beautiful and I feel very lucky to be where I am. I'm currently renting 6 acres out in the country with my boyfriend of ten years. My horse Epona, dog Tug, and cats Willow & Jinx live with us.

My father was Herne, who created this wonderful website, but sadly he past away in 2003. My mother is Kardia. She writes the very wonderful Inner Circle Newsletters.

Hobbies:  I love being outdoors riding & training horses, gardening, camping and rock collecting. I enjoy doing things around the house. I'm always wanting to learn new things, acquire new tools and skills be able to do things on my own. I very much like being a handy woman : ) I occasionally draw/paint and like working with wood and leather. And the most important things of all are smiling and laughing!

Love, Light & Laughter!

Crystal, aka Eponamagic : )

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