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A Witches' Herbal Reference Guide

Here's a bit of trivia some may not know. We've all seen the Hollywood rendentions of Witches stirring their bubbling cauldrons with big black pointy hats and adding eye of this or wing of that right... It was pretty spooky as a kid huh.

Actually those names didn't represent anitomical parts of animals, insects, reptiles or even people for that matter. In the old times, those interesting names were given to specific herbs, plants or flowers as a way of guarding the ingreedints of what the healers used in their remedies, kind of like keeping a trade secret in a way.

So, with that covered, another myth bites the dust... :)

Ok, back to Magical Herbs. 
Learning about the energies in herbs or plants and how to use them can take years. If you want to master this subject you should plan on investing a lot of study time and reading countless books. In this section, you will find a glossary of the most common ones and their traditional uses.

Many plants, herbs and trees have inherent magical abilities and powers to heal.  They offer their powers and benefits to the knowledgeable Witch. You can use the herbal index below to learn more about each plant or herb and their properties.

Magical Herb List From A to Z
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Herbal History

Basic Gardening 1

Herbal First Aid

Herbal Glossary

Herbal Preparations

Magical Properties

Herbal Vinegars


Herb Index

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