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Journey Within

Make yourself comfortable and relax in whatever way you feel most comfortable. Make sure you will not be interrupted. Start (or have a friend start) drumming or chanting or some other rhythmic sound. Close your eyes and focus on your question. It does not have to be a yes or no question, but try to make sure that the phrasing of it is not biased to a certain answer. Think or say something to the effect of, "I will gratefully appreciate and help I am given and try to use it for the best of all concerned." Remember that you do not have to use the advice that is given, but remember to accept what is given without judging it. Ask your spirit guide to protect you as you travel and to protect your body while you are away.

Visualize an opening into the earth (for instance, a cave or spring) using all of your senses. As an example, I visualize myself deep within a pine forest and then walk down a path to reach the opening of a den in a hill. Wait for a guide to meet you at the entrance. It may or may not be your animal guide. If it for some reason makes you feel uncomfortable ask it to leave (remember to be polite) and for another to come or for it to change its form. If no guide comes then try again at another time.

Tell the guide your question. It will then ask you to ride it, follow it, or in some way go with it as it takes you swiftly down the tunnel. For instance, I am normally asked to hold my guide's tail. The trip through the tunnels may be short or long and may have many twists and turns. Don't worry about it. Just note the directions as you go.

When your guide stops you will be in a landscape, or a library, or any number of possible places where you answer can be shown to you. I am often dropped off in front of a door I must enter alone. Even though I am "alone" I can still feel my guide protecting me. Accept what you see and/or experience and any gifts you might be given. Leave when you are asked to or when you feel you should, whatever comes first. Normally your guide will take you back to where you started, but if not just remember to return the way you came. If not you might get a bit disoriented and your memories of the experience will not be as clear. Remember to thank your guide. Next become aware of your physical body and when you feel ready open your eyes.

Write down your experience if you wish. Remember not to over analyze it. If you don't understand just wait and the answer will come clear.


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