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Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel in all of its forms, has the power and the ability to connect you to infinity. When used in the proper manner they will help your healing and evolution and with the healing of Earth Mother. What I am sharing here are the ceremonies that I use in connection with my own life and Medicine Wheel. They are based upon the Native American Way, but are also from my own personal visions.

I am providing a guideline for you, to help you become familiar with the Wheel. However, you should, when it feels right, use your own Vision and intuition to guide you in developing the ceremonies that are right for you and for your Medicine Wheel.

We all have our prayer placed in our hearts at the time of our birth, and our songs, these are the prayers we should make and the songs we should sing. I will share with you the way I pray, but your true prayer must come from within your heart.

In the traditional way, "Medicine" refers to "the way of things," a way of life, or the essence of a living being. We each have our own "Medicine" or way of life through our essence and personal power wherein we chose which of the Four Directions to focus most of our energy, and how to seek our own harmony and balance. The Medicine Wheel symbolizes the way of things as represented in the Four Directions, each of which stands for one aspect of life:
  • East for Spirit
  • South for Nature
  • West for Body
  • North for Mind

  • At the center of the wheel is the fire pit. Sometimes referred to as "The Creators Eye"

    This is surrounded by seven stones. Representing the Four Elemental Clans, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon and Earth Mother.

    To complete the wheel four stones are placed as directional stones. Starting with the North, West, South and closing the circle with the East Placing the stones in this sequence will allow the Spirit "door" to remain open.

    Respect this space. It will remain a space to refresh your energy. Visit it to find harmony and to center yourself when needed.

    Try standing in the different positions of the wheel see how each one affects the level of your energy. Learn the powers of the direction. Each position can give you new growth and new understanding.

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