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May 22, 2017, 10:12:02 PM
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 on: April 20, 2017, 05:31:27 PM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by oldghost
Beltane the Good Fire Festival is almost upon use again . Time to call thanks to the Oak King , the GreenMan , the Lord of the Forest . Got some biodegradable paper kitchen towels and will dye them with green food coloring then cut them out to look like a GreenMan​ mask and will tie them to tree in the neighborhood on the night of April 30th . Already have a sack of nuts and seeds for the tree dwellers horse apples for the deer and local raccoon family . A small Balfire on the beach 🔥.

What have you got planned ?.

 on: April 13, 2017, 08:55:54 PM 
Started by silver flame13 - Last post by oldghost
Greetings Silver Flame  , There is always jostling for leadership in Wolf packs . What you dream can be a reflection of what is going on in your life . Could be between family or friends , may be at work or jealousy  over a mate . Even a personal struggle within yourself over a choice you have to make . When a dream keeps stopping in the same place it could mean you are unwilling to see something through , ending a relationship or telling someone bad news or your scared of failing . You  say the other wolves are ahead of you and you pass them by , that could mean you are not measuring up to someone else's​ expectations​ .

Your lifes you own ,you should live it for yourself.

 on: April 13, 2017, 04:17:08 PM 
Started by silver flame13 - Last post by silver flame13
hay been a while  :)

so about two months back I had a rather odd dream as the title would imply involving wolves.

in this dream I'm running through a forest it takes me a few moments to realize I'm on all fours and I'm a wolf, I'm chasing a deer
it runs up a slope past a silver barked tree I see two of my pack mates break from the tree line on my right both were ether black or grey or white I'm not certain, I look to my left and saw another pack mate, red furred, and smaller than me and I could feel animosity and hate between us, and I got the feel of a final pack mate black furred but then I wake up after running past the silver tree

I don't know why but I cant help but think its has some meaning but I cant seem to grasp it so I thought id post it here if anyone could provide any assistance in interpreting it I would much appreciate it   :)

 on: March 27, 2017, 05:18:09 PM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by Canis
Bright blessings to all of our TCC family.

 on: March 26, 2017, 12:13:17 PM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by marisol
Bright blessings to both of you.  ;)

 on: March 21, 2017, 07:36:06 PM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by oldghost
An to you also Big D . Hope your daughter and grandson are in good health and spirits .

An yes to all those here and their families , to those of you expecting a new members a Blessing for them may this world have new hope for their future's .

 on: March 21, 2017, 05:08:58 PM 
Started by Alchymist - Last post by Alchymist
Of course the standard orthodox interpretation of the Garden of Eden story is mistaken; that, it seems to me, was entirely my point. Perhaps, if we go back far enough, it was all a misunderstanding of an ancient shamanic initiation ritual........

And here's another "What if....?" for you all to chew on...

What if Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner collaborated in inventing Wicca to keep dangerous idiots out of Thelema? This is a thesis put forward by one Thomas Sheridan at

Have those of you who have known a friend who dabbled in Wicca ever noticed that their time as a Wiccan was mostly an explorative stage which essentially open-minded and inquisitive people go through following their resulting disillusionment with traditional mainstream religions? But they never seem to stick with it beyond posting the occasional meme to their Facebook wall? After an initial bout of enthusiasm, soon they become weary of all the 'difficult people' they encounter within the Wiccan movement? I myself could put the number of people that have stated this to me somewhere in the hundreds. 
The only long-term hardcore Wiccans we tend to encounter are, by all accounts, some of the most belligerent and vindictive people around. Casting 'lemon spells' (which do not work) on their ex-partners, their neighbours or anyone else who has had the misfortune to have had a disagreement with them. Often arrogant and filled with righteous indignation and socially isolated from all those around them, these 'solitary practitioners' tend to be completely wrapped up in themselves and seem incapable of compromise, decency and respect for others. Chain-smoking and vindictive rages are rarely optional. 
Now just imagine if such unhealthy people were to have access to, and working knowledge of, Thelema: a deep well of intense, esoteric magic based on centuries-old canons of voluminous theory, along with challenging and difficult practice.

This, I hasten to add, is Thomas Sheridan's own opinion, not mine. I merely present it here as a topic for cogitation and discussion. From my own experience of both Wicca and Thelema - and admittedly my own experience of the latter dates from almost 30 years ago - the "dangerous idiots" were at that time not only in Thelema, but running the show. Anyone on this forum who has experience of both, is welcome to comment.

Sheridan then contends that Wicca was later co-opted by the CIA, along with sundry UFO and Space Brothers cults, again as a diversionary tactic to mislead radical thinkers:

In the post-traditional Christianity days of the 1960's, the CIA were looking to create cults and religious fanatics in order to divert intelligent and idealistic people away from real political activism and have them waiting for the “space brothers” or the end of world (pick a date, any date will do) instead.

I suspect that Sheridan is heading dangerously close to paranoia here; but I suppose a case could be made that paranoia is the only sensible response to current political happenings. Personally, I can't imagine genuinely "intelligent and idealistic" people getting involved in stupid UFO cults (think Heaven's Gate or the Unariuns), but stranger things have happened - good heavens, stranger things are happening right now, right under our noses.

Blessed Be everyone, and may She Whom the Stars Serve protect you....


 on: March 21, 2017, 03:47:16 PM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by Draconis Rex
Bright blessings to you also at this Vernal Equinox J. And to all the rest of our TCC family too.

 on: March 21, 2017, 08:08:34 AM 
Started by oldghost - Last post by oldghost
Once more spring is open us ,the time for the warning of the land and the start of new life . While we celebrate the Goddess we do forget about the God the one that governs the wild side of new lives . The fawn jumping with its new legs the calling of a click for another work the cubs having mock battles with their litter mates. While the Goddess bring the new life into the world it is the Green Man of the Woods that gives them their mischievous ways . Enjoy this season and go kick  up your heels again and have some fun . Good​ time to start getting your garden growning .

For those of you of the First People tonight is the first night of the beginning of Falcon Moon , the Awakening time.

This night is also known to the Celtic people as the Moon of Winds .

In medieval times this time of the year the last quarter Moon 🌒 was known as the Chaste Moon ?.

The Element today is Fire it's plant is the Dandelion and the gem is the Opal . The function of this day is to start things going .

Please if you have kids don't buy them a real bunny . To many are abandoned an are left to starve .

Let this season bring new and wonderful things into your life's . Have a glass of last year's Dandelion wine .

 on: March 19, 2017, 03:03:18 PM 
Started by Nymree - Last post by Firesong
For me, an offering is as simple as an energy exchange.

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