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Author Topic: Hard Times, Good Times, Bad Times  (Read 1421 times)

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Hard Times, Good Times, Bad Times
« on: January 02, 2016, 05:57:31 PM »

I know I should dwell on the past for I am so excited about how my life is unfolding, yet it's been a the hardest year of my life! 

Okay, now that I've got that off my chest, I've got a rather interesting mix of ideas that have been flooding around inside me for a really long time.

I was on this Christian Forum and got so badly treated that eventually I just gave up and that was good for me because I need to be more definite about where I wanted to settle.  The thing is I'm still unsettled.  Not in a bad way for I enjoy having a different assortment of 'beliefs' to draw from.     

I've been following the Bhakti margo path very slowly and very carefully so as to not entirely freak out, as my roots though Pagan got woven into Christian Fundamentalism, but with Meditation and not Yoga just deep meditation coupled with studying Biology soon I found that a lot of the things I used to believe are more like fairy tales or stories made up by people trying to explain what they couldn't understand back then.   

A second set of ideas has been something I've been warming to ever since I came here (oh, some time back) and asked about what Wicca is all about and I did a tiny bit of reading about the Solitary side of it and still didn't get to heavy.   Of course a lot of bad stuff has been happening and of course my bright Christian friends assume that it's just the hand of doom descending on me for having an ultra liberal approach to thinking.  I'm not immoral, I have strong moral principles. Well, I think I do.

Add to that a third aspect and that's my love for all things Indian (not 'Hindu') and esp. the poetry as i am a writer of poems, songs and well trying to get myself sorted to write a book. 

Recently my wife left me and I got so frustrated by the whole business that I tried to say a spell to bring her back but then felt terribly guilty because I would never want her to come back unless it was in her heart and so far she has just kept right on going and now at 58 on the 6 January, I find myself alone here and I mean where I live and I'm moving to the North of England soon and I wondered if there were some good solitary Wicca folk living out there who might be interested in making music and being friends as I sure could do with some friends.  I have some already but I mean people who are definitely Wicca, or Bhakti path, or American Indiam ways or altogether who might be interested in being friends.

Other than that, I sure could enjoy a good chat about Hard Times and Good Times and Bad Times etc.

Love, bluedjango 
Scotland is my hame
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