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The Mysteries.
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January 20, 2020, 10:01:08 PM
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Author Topic: The Mysteries.  (Read 1585 times)

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The Mysteries.
« on: March 02, 2011, 05:41:07 PM »

I found this and thought it may give newbies an good start. We do have a topic on Wiccan Mysteries, but its about the book by Grimassi (SP) I got off on the subject when something made me think of it. This makes it much easier to understand. IMO anyway.  Being that Scott Cunningham is well respected and often referred to, I figured it was a reference worth reading.

First, the term 'Wiccan mysteries', as used here, doesn't refer to secret rituals, prayers or magickal techniques, no matter how secret or effective they may be. Instead, it refers to extraordinary spiritual experiences and revelations of the highest order from the Goddess and the God. The Wiccan mysteries can never be outwardly displayed. Wiccan Sabbats and Esbats celebrate them, but only in symbolic form.

If you're entirely confused at this point, it's ok. After all, these are the Wiccan mysteries, and this I isn?t the easiest topic about which to write or discuss.

One of the complaints of many Solitary Wiccans is that their rituals seem to lack depth of involvement and great spiritual meaning. There are many possible origins for this problem, but it could very well be a lack of knowledge of the Wiccan mysteries. This inner lore, when called upon in ritual, greatly enhances the proceedings.

Why? Because as previously stated, most Wiccan rituals are in some way celebrations of the Wiccan mysteries. This may immediately give you a clue as to t he nature of the mysteries: What are the Sabbats all about? The major, outward concept is the observation of the seasons. Once you begin to look at the seasons, you'll f and a rich trove of possible Wiccan mystery material. In the Mysteries, everything is both symbolic and quite real.

Most of the Wiccan mysteries relate to the Goddess and the God and these have been placed within the context of sacred activities. Other mysteries are more Earth-based but, since the Goddess is the Earth, we're right back to Her.

It's possible for you to discover such mysteries. All the accumulated lore and mysteries of Wiccan traditions were discovered at some point. You can certainly continue this process to give body and depth to your Wiccan practice.

Wiccan mysteries may be discovered during meditation in ritual settings. They may be perceived while taking a walk, appear in our minds during sleep, even come in answer to fervent prayers to the Goddess and God. Such arcane secrets are usually only revealed to those who are truly involved with Wicca, for who else would have need of them?

On the other hand, some Wiccan mysteries are constantly occurring around us where we see the divine touch of the Goddess and God. However, such processes are only Wiccan mysteries once we become totally aware of them on every level of our being.

If this is confusing, here's an example. A ripe apple falls onto the ground. it decomposes; fresh soil is blown over the fallen fruit. Rains fall. The s un heats the earth. A sprout struggles up from, a seed contained within the apple. Within a few years, a new apple tree stands where the fruit had once fallen. A ripe apple falls onto the ground.

How is this a Wiccan mystery?

These processes (fall and rise; death and rebirth, etc.) are governed by and are created by the Goddess and God, the sole sources of fertility, life, and death.

Such natural processes don't relate solely to apples; these cycles are evident in all the world.

A Wiccan becomes aware of this process by watching the apple fall and seeing it eventually sprout. By narrowing her or his focus to this one cycle, for at least a few minutes each day, the Wiccan aligns her or his consciousness with the processes of the Goddess and the God. She or he further meditate upon t his process's meaning.

This realignment of consciousness creates a new awareness of the Goddess and God both within the world and within the self. This greater awareness creates deeper spiritual connections with Them. Additionally, the apple that survived as the lesson-giver may become a powerful and profound ritual tool in this Wiccan's religious practice, symbolizing life, death, and rebirth--three of the greatest mysteries that ever furrowed the human brow.

Finally, the apple's journey may become a potent spiritual memory that immediately unlocks the silver and gold avenues to the Goddess and to the God. In this Wiccan's mind, the apple becomes more than a memory of a fruit; more than a symbol: it becomes a direct link between Them and us; a tangible reminder of intangible things; a symbol that's not only between the worlds, but that serves as a bridge. The apple then, in this Wiccan's mysteries may be: the Celtic cauldron of regeneration; the womb of the Goddess; a symbol of birth and rebirth; the earth itself, upon which so many mysteries await our discovery.

The secrets of the Wiccan mysteries is that there are no secrets. You need only alter your perceptions and sharpen your focus. Look beyond the material world to the timeless process at work within it to discover Wiccan mysteries. Or spend time in ritual meditation specifically to deepen your understanding of the subtlest aspects of Wicca, the Goddess, and the God.

Then after, you've discovered them, you can celebrate and sing and dance in circles created of light and love and re-experience these mysteries time and again. Rituals may be enlarged to include recognition of such experiences, or special rites may be preformed in their honor.

The point here is that true Wiccan mysteries can't be found within Books of Shadows or in ancient secrets or within the words of others. They can only be found within our relationship with the Goddess and God, and in our understanding of nature as an illustration of Their energy.

Want some more hints?

Watch a birth

Watch the sun melting ice.

Watch the unfurling of leaves on trees in the spring.

Watch the ocean.

Watch the clouds drift above.

Watch rain splattering onto pools of water.

Watch lightning crackling and sparking against the night sky.

Watch smoke rising from a sacred bonfire.

Watch an eclipse

Watch a cat hunting in the backyard.

Watch a baby rediscovering our world.

Don't only watch these things; experience them. Feel them. Then you'll have begun to draw the Wiccan mysteries closer to you. You'll have the rare opportunity to fleetingly draw back the veil that we've thrown over our world and see the face of the Goddess....

And the Wiccan mysteries will be yours.

Scott Cunningham
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Re: The Mysteries.
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2011, 06:10:50 PM »

A well-put reference. 

The mysteries are so called because they are something which we must actively seek an understanding of.  Their meaning is not laid bare for us to easily assimilate.  We must find them, experience them, then study that experience from all angles, how it relates to us, how it relates to the world, how it relates to our spiritual path, etc.

By studying our experience, we find a deeper meaning, and a deeper level, within them.  Leading us to yet deeper and deeper mysteries.

We are detectives of life and death itself, seeking out the clues, putting them together, to find our next lead.

What mysteries have you witnessed/experienced that you're willing to share?

Remember that there is no such thing as a "right" or "wrong" way to do this.  They mysteries are deeply personal, which is why a book or grimoire or teacher can only point us in the right direction; they can only show us the mysteries.  They can't explain them to us.

I'll share one of my own to start with.  Falling snow.

How does this teach me of the gods, and the earth, and the interaction between all that is?

It starts in the upper atmosphere.  Condensation coalesces, and begins to fall.  The air is cold enough that the condensation begins to freeze.  But it does so very slowly.  This is the difference between snow and ice.  Snow is an infinitely delicate crystal formed of ice.  To view one under a microscope is to view a piece of unique and short-lived artwork.  No two flakes exactly alike.

Its new structure makes the now frozen water very light.  It floats gently down on the breeze, carried here and there by the breaths of wind.  After time immemorial (for what is time to a snow flake?) it finally comes to rest on the ground.  In time, as it rests, the sun comes out.  The warmth melts the minute crystal, returning it to water.  This water flows down into the ground, to be absorbed by the grass.

This nourishes the grass, even in it's long sleep.  With time, the same water (slightly changed), eventually flows out of the blade of grass.  It condenses on the blade as moisture, which the warmth of the sun causes to evaporate into an imperceptible mist.  This mist, lighter than air, rises up into the upper atmosphere, where it once again coalesces into water.

Birth, death, rebirth, and all throughout the process, change.

It changes many times.  From vapor into water.  From water into ice.  From ice back into water.  From water again into vapor once more.

As the snow flake, we are born into this world of the energies of the gods.  We go throughout our lives, changing from one thing to another (child to adult, adult to elder, dependent to independent, independent to dependent, follower to leader, etc) until at last we melt back into the energies of the world, as the snowflake melts into water and is absorbed by the earth.  In time, our energy reforms into a new physical shell, to be reborn into the world, to grow, change, and die again.


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Re: The Mysteries.
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2011, 07:35:37 PM »

I am so glad that I started this thread. I like that example H. I hope others will share.

When I first heard of the mysteries, I thought is was some thing I had to go out and discover, but I had no idea what it was that I was supposed to be discovering.

When I came across the above OP, it was like a light bulb went off in my head. These weren't some impossible thing that I must discover on my own. They were right there in front of me, if I just took the time to see them.

I hope that this thread can open that door for others that are on that road.

When life gets you down - just put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

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Re: The Mysteries.
« Reply #3 on: March 04, 2011, 12:13:35 PM »

When I first heard of the mysteries, I thought is was some thing I had to go out and discover, but I had no idea what it was that I was supposed to be discovering.When I came across the above OP, it was like a light bulb went off in my head.

These weren't some impossible thing that I must discover on my own.

They were right there in front of me, if I just took the time to see them.

I hope that this thread can open that door for others that are on that road.

Emphases, italics, etc....mine.

The fact that Wicca is a mystery religion is a point that many people wonder at.  MOST OFTEN for the reasons lpb has put forth.

Mysteries such as the Elusinian come to mind, and THAT is where people get boggled.  YES, there are some deeper issues....doctrinally, theologically, etc...

That said, the "Lion's share" of the mysteries are precisely as described above.  Think back to the "cunning folk" of old...JUST PAST was Imbolc..."ewe's milk".  The Sabbat was celebrated around the time, annually, when the sheep came into lamb.  Herbcraft the same cause...NOTICING THAT certain herbs staunched bleeding, or eased pain, or reduced fever.

Yes, noticing the patterns in snowflakes, (eeewww!), or the ways of arteries and veins, or the properties of static electricity when you pull off your sweater are EXCELLENT awareness raisers.  Think on them, though, in light of the last MILLION years!  PONDER them the way your great-great grandparents did.  I know, they may not have "pondered" them, but they DID KNOW THEM, because it was the way they matriculated into their universe.
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