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Author Topic: Familiar Lore Or...............  (Read 3072 times)

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Familiar Lore Or...............
« on: September 24, 2013, 11:54:13 PM »

                                                                                       Witches  Familiar
Why do Witches need familiars , is it because they are more a tuned to nature and that their psychic senses are more acute then those of humans . Are Witches familiars real or just pets. So what are familiars and what can they do and are the stories true ?.
Familiars have the ability to control natural energies like those of crystals , stones , herbs and plants of all types. Along with the astrological aspects of the elements they can summon non-corporeal beings and those of the spirit world .
Familiars can heighten the Witches power and be a guardian and healer to the Witch , familiars are said to even be able to protect the Witch from ant type of harm .
familiars were said to be able to bring love, kindness , strength, and beauty into the life of a Witch . The Witches familiars could warn a Witch of the presents of evil or spells directed at the Witch from another witch. Their loyalty to their Witch was total .
Familiars would be a mediators for the Witch when they traveled between this world and other realms. Familiars are said to have the energy of their whole species .
Familiars from the astral worlds choose their companions not the other way around , they will come and go as they please. In legend frogs were the ones that transported the Witch to the spirit realms . Frog where said to have a magical connection between the different lands .
Three types of familiars are known .
1) the physical type : cats , dogs, birds, pygmy elephants etc.
2) spiritual : a conscious entity that lives in the astral or spirit world
3) the artificial : one that is created by magic like a homunculus made from mandrake root .
Familiars can carry the spell of a Witch thru to other worlds or to where the Witch wants it to go in this world , The witch can see thru the eyes of the Witches familiar.
The Witch and familiar speak to each other in dreams . Familiars can impart to the Witch it's senses to bring the Witch up ton the same level as the familiar . The act as watchdogs when the Witch cast a spell and give the Witch warning if anything is amiss .
To bring and astral familiar into this world the Witch must have a vessel for the familiar to inhabit  ( a statue ) the familiar will then bring the vessel to life so it can move freely  in this world.
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                                                                   Good fortune bring to home and hearth
                                                                          When I am away from home
                                                                        Bring me luck wherever I roam
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Do you believe in familiars , do you have one . Does your help you ........................................
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Re: Familiar Lore Or...............
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2013, 09:39:57 AM »

Don't have one at the moment, but I did at one time.  He was an Aussie Shepherd named Clay.  We were connected on a level that is very hard to explain.  I can say that if you asked my friends that knew him, they would simply shake their heads with a slightly frightened look because that is what they always do.  ;D  There are two exceptions to that rule.  I have two friends that are witches and they both got along splendidly with Clay and knew him for what he was, so his "strangeness" didn't bother them in the least.  Honestly, most people, including my two friends, believed that we had a mind to mind connection.  They were astounded by the amount of plain spoken English that he understood.  He did, in fact, protect me from anything physical or other that had any ill intent.  His spirit stayed around long after he moved on, but he is no longer with me.  I believe that he is being reborn, so as to have a corporeal form again.   
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Re: Familiar Lore Or...............
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2014, 06:03:23 PM »

I have had one a black and brown ragamuffin, she was everything a    person could want. She was very involved in any ritual I did. She passed  on  several years ago.

I have a new cat now about 11/2 yrs old. She's attempting to help me,
but lacks experience. I think when she is alittle older, she will shape up.
And be ready for anything. She's a yellow tabby. Her name is Grace, she
also has a secret name for when she is in circle with me.
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Re: Familiar Lore Or...............
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2014, 03:55:51 AM »

We have 2 cats in our family.One is a gift to my son,and the other one i rescued from my job.Those 2 thought of me as their meal ticket,now since i have started my path,they are right their at my feet.Now they are sitting on my lap.My family thinks it is kinda strange.I even have sparrows riding on my forklift when im using it,but it doesnt happen to anyone else.Animal magnet,lol. :)


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Re: Familiar Lore Or...............
« Reply #4 on: February 19, 2014, 06:52:39 AM »

I have my Maine Coon cat Tiger and shes pretty laid back about anything.

My newest cat Blackie I now call him is a black bobtail talks a lot!
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