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Resin Incense

Resin is a material that is harvested directly from trees, shrubs, and plants. It can come from wood, bark, roots, or sap depending on the type.

Resin is a more potent type of incense that give a more true and pure sent of the material being burned, unlike traditional stick incense where the smoke from the stick mixes with the actual incense.

Resin incense can be burned either using a charcoal burner or an oil warmer.
The 1st method is a charcoal burner. A charcoal disk is lit and placed in a heat safe container such as a ceramic, soapstone or metal bowl or cauldron. Use something with legs or set it on a heat resistant stand or a pad like a coaster or tile so you won't risk heat damage or fire to the table or other surface that you set it on. An inch of sand or salt is recommended for additional heat absorption and it will help keep your disk in place. Once lit, your charcoal should have a thin layer of ash on top of it when it’s time to add the resin. When using charcoal, it’s best to fully extinguish it to avoid leaving a fire hazard behind. You can do this by picking your piece of charcoal up with tongs and fully submerging it underwater.

2nd method, Using an oil warmer produces much less smoke and is better for people with breathing problems. Adding some oil to the dish will help disperse the heat, just like with using sand in a charcoal incense burner. This helps to prevent your dish from getting too hot, when it might crack. You can use any light smelling oils like sunflower, vegetable or canola as they have little or no scent of their own when heated. Water isn't recommended as it will simply evaporate too quickly.

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