Grounding Crystals set with drawstring bag


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Every set will includes one the following 5 tumbled stones for Grounding. Photo is an example of what you'll receive. As these are natural stones, each one is unique and will vary in size, color and shape. Average stone size is between 3/4" to 1"

Hematite: One of the most powerful grounding stones. It's strong earth energy helps keep you firmly rooted, helps organize your thoughts and brings mental clarity to keep you focused on the current moment. It can also prevent impulsive reactions. Stone of strength, vitality, mental focus and stability.

Obsidian: Has a strong connections with Mother Earth. It's very grounding with both protective and cleansing properties. It helps clear negativity energy and brings a sense of calmness and serenity if you’re feeling over worked or reactive. It's a great crystal to use after you’ve been doing spiritual work. Obsidian combines the elements of fire, earth and water, which makes it a truly remarkable crystal for grounding.

Smoky Quartz: Is a highly cleansing stone that neutralizes negative energy put off from others and acts as a protective shield to help free you from unhelpful thought patterns and emotional baggage. Has a high vibrational energy that grounds from the Crown to the Root Chakra. Stimulates higher awareness that helps keep you present while meditating.

Red Jasper: Grounds and balances the Root Chakra. This warm, gentle stone is a good stabilizer and helps you deal with life’s challenges with renewed strength, stamina, perseverance and willpower. It also has strong nurturing properties. This makes it a great stone for times of stress or when you need emotional balance.

Blood Stone: Bloodstone has strong vibrating energy that helps you reach the root of a problem and move forward. Stimulates resilience and helps you accept the benefits of going through this difficult situation. It is also a loving stone and can help overcoming relationship worries.

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