Lavender Essential Oil 1/2 oz


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Lavender is extracted from entire plant, and has a strong refreshing floral sent. It has been used for centuries for its wide variety of beneficial uses. Comes in a 1/2 oz glass amber bottle.

Magical Lore uses: Centering, Divination, Peace, Protection, Purification, Love, Dream Prophecy, Harmony and Balance

Aromatherapy/Traditional uses: A relaxing sent great for stimulating the senses and soothing nerves, aids with stress relief and encourages peaceful dreams.

Traditional uses: Used for mild cuts, grazes, insect stings, mild burns, sore muscles, arthritis, poor circulation, high blood pressure, colds, headache and stress relief.

Blends well with: most essences, especially chamomile, ylang-ylang, Citrus Oils, Flower Oils, cedarwood and patchouli

Warnings Avoid high doses while pregnant

NOTE Most Essential Oils are too strong to be applied directly to the skin and should be diluted with a cutting oil to avoid irritation. Please remember to first dilute your Essential Oils using one of our Massage or Carrier oils before applying to the skin. A rough measurement for safe dilution is between 8 to 16 drops of Essential Oil per 1oz of Carrier Oil. It is always safest to start with a smaller amount and do a patch test on the back of your wrist. Wait at least one hour to see if irritation occurs. Use half the suggested drops for pregnant women and only 4 drops for children.

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