Triple Moon Goddess copper offering bowl 3"

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Triple Moon Goddess with Pentacle center.
This copper bowl is perfect for ritual offerings and uses such as incense burner, smudge pot, holding herbs, stones, or water for your altar.
Copper is an energy conductor which makes it a great tool that can help amplify your intentions.
Has three 3D triple moon goddess symbols around the bowl and is trimmed with Greek key art borders.
Materials: Copper and Brass.
Measures approximately 3 inches by 1.75 inches tall.

The Triple Moon is comprised of a waxing crescent, full moon, and a waning crescent. It's associated to the Triple Goddess which symbolizes the maiden, mother, and crone that are the three phase of a woman’s life.
The Maiden: Represented by the new moon. The maiden embodies purity, youth, creation, pleasure, naivety, and new beginnings. The maiden invites you to explore your spirituality, sensuality, and creativity.
The Mother: Represented by the full moon. The mother embodies love, fertility nourishment responsibility, patience, gratitude, power, and self-care. The mother invites you to master giving and receiving love.
The Crone: Represented by the fading waning moon. The crone embodies endings, wisdom, death, acceptance, and culmination. The crone invites you to accept that without death there is no birth.
The Pentacle: Long believed to be a powerful protection symbol that shields the wearer or home against evil influences and unwanted energies. It is also a sign of love, life, light, unity, enlightenment, and a quest for divine knowledge. The 5 pointed star represents the Spirit and elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The circle around the star represents the circle of life, birth, life, death and rebirth.

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