Meet Herne


Founder of The Celtic Connection and

1955 - 2003

Herne started in 1997 because he wanted to share his love of the Old Ways with others. He believed that being a Wiccan or Witch meant you were a healer, a teacher, a seeker, a giver, and a protector of all things. For him, walking the old paths meant “…being in the presence of Mother Earth’s nature and being humbled in reverence.” Herne firmly believed that teaching Wicca to others was not about sharing spells and rituals, it was about helping people connect with our mother Earth. He insisted the focus of this website should be on teaching nature’s cycles and rhythms and helping people learn to respect, honor, and work with all living things.

Although Herne passed from this world over a decade ago, his spirit still lingers in the pages of this site, and he continues to help hundreds of visitors daily who seek guidance on their journey. Thank you Herne! May your legacy of wisdom live on forever through