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Co-founder of The Celtic Connection and and author of the Living Wicca Today publications.

My full screen or pen name is Kardia Zoe, which means “heart of life” in Greek. This reminds me to speak from my heart, when I write about life! I'm a native of Oregon, and for the last 30 years I've been living on 9 acres outside a small rural community.

I am over 60 now, and am married to a wonderful man who has a brilliant mind and a heart of gold. I have two grown children, a son, and a daughter who manages the Wiccan Store on this site. I currently manage all publications and administration for

As for my personal beliefs and goals, my spiritual background is in Christianity. However, I do not blindly accept certain doctrine taught in many of today's Churches. As a child, I knew some of the teachings didn’t make much sense, but I accepted the doctrine as truth, because it came from my elders whom I respected. As I became an adult myself, I realized there was a great deal we didn't know about God... and I began to look at certain teachings simply as mankind's feeble attempt to explain the Divine's unknowable mysteries.

As I approached the age of forty, I became like a child again, and my desire to explore these so called “mysteries” overwhelmed me. However, instead of turning to my elders or peers for guidance, I decided to go straight to the source for answers! It was during this time that I learned to listen to my inner voice and let it guide me. What a difference!!! One mystery after another began to solve itself. No question, when asked in earnest, went unanswered.

For the past twenty years I have journeyed with my inner-spirit through mounds of books and manuscripts.. I explored everything from Christianity and the Dead Sea scrolls, to Gnosis teachings in the Egyptian Nag Hammadi Library. I started seeing a lot of common ground between the EARLY Christian teachings and many other ancient religions, so I began to do further research into the teachings of Druids, Wiccans, Shamans and any nature based religion I found.

I was eventually drawn to the ancient Essene writings. It became clear to me that the Essenes were the very same group we now refer to as the first Christians, and early manuscripts tell us they were a community whose lives were closely bound to nature. A great deal of their scriptures focused on our connection with Mother Earth. What I found most interesting, was that for them, their connection with mother nature, or our Earthly Mother as they called her, was directly linked to their connection with God. This meant that at one time, Christians actually respected and followed the feminine aspect of the Divine too!

I’d like to add that the most important thing I’ve learned from all my studies so far, is how little I actually know. My desire for knowledge of the Divine is stronger than ever, and I hope to continue learning and sharing my insights for the rest of my life! It is my hope that by revealing the common ground found between the original Christian faith and other nature based paths, some of the fear and intolerance that surrounds the peaceful earth religions today can be eliminated.

I consider ALL who follow the Ways of the Divine to be my brothers and sisters, regardless of what they choose to call their path!

I welcome all questions and comments about Wicca and the Old Ways, so please free to e-mail me anytime. I’ll reply to as many as I can.

Peace and health be with you,