Best-selling Wiccan and Pagan eBooks

At the top of the list is the popular Living Wicca Today books. They were originally written as a 12 week course to help beginners and solitary practitioners explore the enchanted path of Wicca. If you enjoy the information on this website, you will love these books! The entire course is now available in ebook format. Selext a title to view book details, reader reviews and buying options. You can choose to download a single title or get the entire course bundled in 2 volumes for under $10. All eBooks are downloaded from Amazon and you can read them on virtually any smart phone, tablet or computer with their free Kindle Reading App.

Start living a magical life today!

 Volume 1 includes Ebooks #1 and #2

    Volume 2 includes Ebooks #3 and #4

Single Titles

#1        #2       #3      #4

When you are ready to continue down this enchanting path, here are some excellent book bundles that offer clear and accurate information to help guide you on your journry. These bundles each contain 3 full lengh books and are a great value at just $4.99 for the eBook sets. Each bundle is available in both eBook and paperback editions. Clicking an image below will take you to Amazon where you can read book details, customer reviews and view all buying options.

Bundle #1 includes: Wicca for Geginners, Finding Your Path, Living a Magical Life
Bundle #2 includes: Elemental Magic, Moon Magic, Wheel of the Year
Bundle #3 includes: Candle Magic, Herbal Magic, Crystal Magic