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The Importance of Diet and Health in Magic

For centuries, many spiritual leaders have believed that eating a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables was essential to strengthening their connection with the Divine. Today most belief systems do not give much guidance onwhat you should or should not eat. With a few exceptions, you are free to indulge in what you enjoy. But keep in mind that the fuel you put in your body will affect your physical, mental, and spiritual function. This is because the body mind and spirit work as one. You need to be in good health physically if you want maximum clarity of mind and a strong spiritual connection with the Goddess.

Most of us draw from her energy by walking barefoot through her soft green grass or sitting quietly on the ground in the shade of an old tree. But she will also bless you with increased energy and a stronger mind and spirit if you eat her gifts of fresh produce. So as you honor the element of Earth and her power to grow vibrant, healthy plants from tiny seeds, know also that she has the power to make you more vibrant and healthy as well.

Certainly the way you treat your physical body will affect your mind. In magic you want an alert mind. Therefore, your body must be as healthy as you can keep it. Take care of your body, exercise regularly, eat a good diet (with vitamin supplements), and do not consume anything which will have a negative effect upon the mind. Drugs, smoking, and alcohol should be restricted, or eliminated (the mind can create any condition which a drug can create). A good rule here is moderation in what and how much you consume (most of this stuff is pretty obvious isn't it). You may also want to cut down on sugar and processed foods. Many occultists advise dietary changes, especially the non-eating of meat. We cannot deny the physical, psychological, and spiritual effect which all foods have. This effect may be described as the 'heaviness' factor of foods. Various foods are so ranked in the chart, lighter to heavier. The types of food you should ingest change depending on your lifestyle and blood type as well, but this ranking is a generalization.

  1. Lettuce and collared greens.
  2. Fruits and other vegetables.
  3. Wheat, rice, and other grains.
  4. Nuts, beans, and other legumes.
  5. Cheese, dairy products, and eggs.
  6. Fish and other seafood.
  7. Chieck and poultry.
  8. Beef, pork, and other red meats.

Note that meats, especially red meats are the 'heaviest foods. Generally, foods which are harder to digest, or which are higher in protein are 'heavier' than those which are not. Animal products are heavier than plants. Foods high in carbohydrate (candy, bread, starch) are heavy. However, the 'heaviness' of foods is not directly related to the amount of calories.

What this means is that for various reasons, the heaviness of food in your diet will affect your magical experiences. You may be able to increase your psychic receptivity ('energy level') by eating lighter foods, or by eating less. Conversely, emphasizing heavy foods in your diet, or eating larger helpings, may help to 'bring you down to earth' should you 'rent the veil' too much. These are generalizations, of course, and it may take a number of days of dietary change before you notice much effect. I do not advocate radical dietary changes, excessive fasting, or malnutrition. Your good health is far more important in magick than any temporary effect you get from prolonged starvation. A change in diet will sometimes only produce a temporary effect, until the physical body adapts to the change. Healthy natural foods and lifestyle make it easier for us to be healthy, but ultimately, good health is a mental or attitude quality that promotes overall well being.