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Children and Animal Guides

Children are naturals at working with the spirit world and animal guides. Their imaginations are still unblocked by adult prejudices and disbelief's. The concept of having an invisible animal watching over them makes perfect sense to children. Think of the number of kids who have imaginary friends. How many of those friends might actually be spirit guides who in later life still guide, but cannot have the same beautiful relationship with a person that they did when the person was still a child before they threw such "childish games of fantasy" away? Perhaps you may be able to reconnect with some of these remembered friends of your own youth.

Children can easily be taught to work with guides and to shapeshift. Kids are often reoccurring dreams of an animal or are drawn to certain animals at the zoo. parents often know intuitively what their child's guardian might be. Meditating on it, remembering the child's habits and quirks, thinking of how they would react to different situations, will often confirm that vague feeling. Don't try to double guess yourself. Just trust that the first image you get is probably the right one.

Even if you cannot figure out your child's guide they more than likely will on their own if you ask them. As they grow their guide might change or they might meet new ones. Children tend to be better at dealing with this than adults because they are by nature more adaptable. Knowing what your child's guide might be can help you in raising the child. More often than not a child's main guide is one that mirrors their strong points and weaknesses. If you know their guide you will know how and where they might need support. Not to say that you should expect them to fail in those areas, just that they might need a bit more support. Remember not to baby them in those areas though because it is most often through adversity that the strongest abilities will appear.