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Communicating with Spirit Guides

Often humans forget (or never learn) that there are others on this planet who have wisdom to share. Although this doesn't specifically concern spirit guides I believe that it is important and should be addressed. Many of us who are pet owners know that animals can make their wishes known. People who work with plants have attuned themselves to notice this about their plants. All natural things communicate and can be talked with. However very few people actually try to talk to anything other than fellow humans. I don't mean baby-talking either, I mean real and honest communication.

To speak with an animal, plant, stone or other object, relax and get in tune with it. Imagine what you are trying to communicate in your mind in all its beautiful detail. Know it. Feel its differences from you. If it is not a mammal try to understand its life, that of a plant drinking in the sun or a stone existing much longer and slower, slowly being worn down by the elements. Then try to sense the being that you wish to communicate with. Allow any image that comes into your mind. A rock spirit won't necessarily look like a chunk of quartz. It might just as easily take on the form of a woman in crystalline gowns. Just let an image come to you. If you manage to connect, take some time to commune with it. Ask it for a message. Get to know it. Oh and remember to introduce yourself. Manners are manners no matter who or what you are talking to. Remember to say thank you and good bye.

I have found that leaning up against a tree or looking at a river is often enough for me to find that connection. I have also noticed that rocks and trees tend to respond slower than animals since their concept of time is so different. In addition I have discovered that when talking to trees of rocks I tend to slow down to meet them at a level closer to theirs. This is very calming, but hard exercise right afterwards is not suggested. Think about trying to jump from the concept of millennia to the concept of minutes while hiking up a steep trail and you should be able to figure out why!