Celebrating Pagan Holidays Around the World

Seasons arrive at different times around the world and readers often ask what the proper time is to celebrate the event in their part of the world.  Think of it this way … the old traditions and rituals were simply intended to help our ancestors stay in tune with nature’s cycles. 

They lived close
to the earth, observing its subtle changes, and it was the cycles of the sun, moon and seasons of the earth that determined their activity.  Every sabbat or holiday marked a time of change, and a shift in energy that had a physical, mental and spiritual effect on their lives. 

Keeping in tune with nature’s cycles may sound a bit complicated, but it’s not.  The bottom line is to celebrate the change in seasons and enjoy whatever activity is appropriate for the current time of year in YOUR part of the world.  And don’t make your rituals too complicated.  They should be fun, a true expression of celebration and thankfulness for what is to come.

And last, but not least, if you miss the exact day or time that the holiday is normally celebrated, it’s not the end of the world. What’s MOST important is to celebrate when you can.  When you stop to observe nature’s cycles, and take part in an activity that honors the changes in the seasons around you, you’ll find that the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and life becomes more magical. Strive continually to balance your life with the rhythms of the natural world and see what happens!

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