Best Crystals for Healing & Magic

Your Guide to the Properties & Traditional Uses of 13 Powerful Crystals

Crystals forHhealing & Magic

How to Choose Crystals for Healing & Magic

Before you start searching for a new crystal, it’s important to think about what purpose it will have in your life. Every crystal has a unique energy and vibration. It will work best for you if your intended purpose is aligned with its natural power. The more in sync you are with your crystal, the more effective it will be at helping you achieve your goals.

So ask yourself why you want a new crystal. Is it simply to bring you happiness and joy, or do you need strength and protection? Are you in need of a little luck and prosperity, or is peace and tranquility what you are looking for? Below are the traditional uses and healing/magical properties for 13 very popular crystals.

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How to Cleanse, Charge and Set Intentions With Crystals to Boost Their Power

Cleansing Your Crystals

Just as we feel refreshed and ready to take on the day after our morning shower, so do our crystals feel renewed and ready to get to work after a good cleansing.

Crystals absorb both positive and negative energy from their surroundings. If you want your stones to keep functioning at their full potential, you need to cleanse (clear) them of stagnant and unwanted negative energies.

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Crystal Magic – Using Treasures from Mother Earth as Magical Tools

Healing Crystals

There are treasures deep within our Mother Earth, and she has been growing some of them for over a million years.  We call them crystals or gemstones and they are some of the most beautiful gifts she has blessed us with.

When you begin using crystals, you quickly realize that they are Mother Earth’s ultimate multipurpose power tool. We have been using them for healing since ancient times and in many traditions they are used to boost the magic of rituals and spells. Some of us like to wear our crystals as jewelry to help us lift our spirits during the day, while others simply carry their stones around in a pocket or bag to help them stay focused on a particular goal or purpose.

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Magical Uses for Incense

The power of aroma cannot be denied, but we may not give it much thought as we rush through our busy day. We get so wrapped up in all the worries and necessities of life that we quite literally forget to stop and smell the roses. If we realized how soothing the scent of a flower, plant or tree could be, we might not walk past them in such a hurry.

Incense is a wonderful way to bring the benefits of aroma into your life. It can be burned to cleanse and purify your home or sacred space, or for ceremonies and rituals or for protection against negative energies. It is also used to create a specific atmosphere or state of mind, You can use incense as aromatherapy to help you relax and meditate or to create a pleasant and uplifting environment in your home after a stressful day.

Incense is made from a variation of herbs, plants, woods and resins. Each has it’s own distinct aromatic scent and is loved for it’s unique fragrance, spiritual and magical properties. Below is a list of 10 popular types of incense, with descriptions of their magical properties and traditional uses.

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A Christian Witch Deals With Intolerance

Promoting Religious Peace = Article #1
When you follow a non-Christian path, it’s almost certain that sooner or later you’ll find yourself on an emotional battleground. This is especially true if you are a Christian Which trying to embrace teachings from two or more traditions. If Christian friends or family members are openly (or even secretly) condemning the Pagan practices that you love, what are you supposed to do?

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A Hidden Bridge Between Christian & Pagan Beliefs

Christian and Pagan beliefs often appear to be miles apart and navigating between these paths may seem impossible.  That’s how I felt when I first started to explore Wicca and other nature based paths.  Then I stumbled upon a collection of ancient texts that offered a beautiful bridge between these conflicting beliefs.  

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7 Eye-Opening Links Between Essenes & Early Christians

In the blog category Pagan vrs Christian, I frequently quote from a collection of ancient Essene writings. The Essenes were a mystic Jewish sect that flourished from the 2nd century BCE to the 1st century CE. Some (including myself), believe they are the same group that we now refer to as the early Christians.

Why is this important? Essene and Pagan beliefs have a lot in common and knowing this can make it easier for an individual with a Christian foundation to understand and embrace Wicca, Which and Pagan ways.

Below are 7 eye-opening links between the Essenes and early Christians that offer strong evidence these two groups are one and the same!

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How Earth, Air, Fire & Water Work With Your Spirit

Communing with Earth, Air, Fire & Water lifts our Spirit

When we learn to connect with Mother Earth and show our deep respect for nature, we draw closer to the Divine and open our lives to many blessings. in the Earth Magic category of the Living Wicca Today blog, you will find a series of posts on Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. The articles contain excerpts from manuscripts that are nearly 2000 years old. These writings give us insight on how our ancestors communicated with the Divine through nature.

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