Simple Beltane Activities to Enjoy

Celebrations will be starting soon.  If you don’t have anything special planned yet, you can still make this time special with a couple of these simple activities. 

Start off your Beltane celebration with an early morning walk through a local  park or forest.  This can lift the spirit and be fun for everyone,  humans and pets alike.

Gather up some plants or flowers to display in your home.  They will remind you  of the Earth’s fertility and the blessings  that lay ahead. When I was young, my mom would take us out to gather flowers on April 30th. My siblings and I would make paper baskets, fill them with the flowers we picked and leave them on the doorstep of friends and neighbors on May day. It was a wonderful way to share the blessings of the season!

Mom and daughter or friends could braid each others hair and  weave in a few tender blossoms.  And be sure to buy or make a special loaf of bread or  treats for your feast. You’ll find a few recipe suggestions, along with  activities for children, sabbat lore and traditions on our Beltane holiday page.   

If you are in the southern hemisphere, visit our Samhain holiday page  for traditions, lore, activities and recipes  for that sabbat.  

Whatever season you are celebrating in your part of the world, I hope your holiday is a wonderful one!

 Peace and health be with you,


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