Candle Magic – Magical Uses for Candles

Using Candles In a Ritual

This Article Is For Anyone Who Wants to Take Their Candle Magic to the Next Level.

Candle magic is not just for Witches. We have all used candles to create a little magic in our lives. Nearly everyone has made a wish, then sent our wish out to the universe and blew out our candles. Many of us have set candles on a dinner table to help us manifest romance or special moments. Some burn candles when they bathe, creating a tranquil atmosphere to help them melt away any stress from the day.

These are just a few of the many ways we use candles to generate everyday magic. But candles can also help us tap into the actual source of universal energy that flows through all things. When we connect with this higher power, we experience magic at its best! But there’s more to it than simply lighting a candle.

When it comes to spells, whether you choose to work with candles, crystals, essential oils or any other magical tools, don’t make the mistake of expecting them to do all your work for you. An artist or carpenter can own the best tools available, but what they ultimately create is up to them.

Magic works like that too. It’s wonderful to have quality tools to work with, but it’s important to understand that your tools, no matter how elaborate or expensive, can not manifest your desires on their own. They work by helping you connect with your higher self and tap into the source of universal power.

Once you understand this simple truth, you can use your tools to focus your thoughts and feelings on virtually any goal or desire. Just remember that the energy you send forth has a tendency to multiply and return to you in kind. If you want a life full of love, joy, peace, good health and abundance, then make sure that is the type of energy, you are sending forth in your magical work.

Candles can also be used on altars or in sacred spaces. A popular practice is to keep pillar candles on the altar to represent the Goddess and God or the personal deity you work with. The Goddess is traditionally represented by a white or silver candle, while the God is commonly represented by a yellow or gold candle.

Another tradition is to mark your sacred circle with four candles to represent the four directions and the four elements. Pillar or jar candles work well for this. A green candle is often used to represent the element of Earth in the North, red is placed in the South for the Fire element, blue is used in the West for the Water element and yellow is placed in the East to represent the element of Air.

Tea light or votive candles can be used to light the circle’s entire edge for an extra special magical effect. As always, be sure to place all of your candles on a heat resistant surface.

These are simply guidelines and unless you are following a tradition with established practices, you are free to use candles as you see fit.

TIP: You can place crystals next to your candles to amplify the energy even more. Clear quartz works especially well for boosting the energy of other stones and magical tools. Many practitioners also anoint their candles with essential oil prior to a ritual or spell. For additional information on this practice, read our blog article on Clearing, Charging and Dressing Your Candles for Magic.

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