Crystal Magic – Using Treasures from Mother Earth as Magical Tools

Healing Crystals

There are treasures deep within our Mother Earth, and she has been growing some of them for over a million years.  We call them crystals or gemstones and they are some of the most beautiful gifts she has blessed us with.

When you begin using crystals, you quickly realize that they are Mother Earth’s ultimate multipurpose power tool. We have been using them for healing since ancient times and in many traditions they are used to boost the magic of rituals and spells. Some of us like to wear our crystals as jewelry to help us lift our spirits during the day, while others simply carry their stones around in a pocket or bag to help them stay focused on a particular goal or purpose.

No matter how we choose to use our crystals, when we add their unique energies and vibrations to our own, the effect can be magical. If you have ever picked up a crystal and instantly felt like smiling, you have already experienced a little of its magic!

Below are some of the most common way crystals can be used as magical tools. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Amplify Your Personal Energy & Healing

Crystals are like little magical tools that you can wear as jewelry or simply carry around in a pocket. Whenever you need to remove negative energy and/or amplify positive energy, your crystal will be there to help you. Keeping a crystal with you at all times is a gentle reminder that you have the healing and magical powers of Mother Earth at your fingertips!

Amplify the Energy of Other Stones & Tools

Crystals can also help boost the energy of other crystals and tools. Clear Quartz, (also known as the Master Stone) and Amethyst are both especially good at this. Place one of them on your altar to help clear and amplify the energy of your sacred items.

Amplify the Energy in Your Rituals & Spells

Crystals can boost the energy of your rituals and spells simply by their presence. Keep them near when you work with sacred herbs and candles to raise their power as well. Casting a circle with stones is a great option if you are somewhere you can’t light candles. You can also place a crystal on top of a written spell or use a crystal point to direct energy to a specific location. Crystals are simply a wonderful all-purpose energy booster!

Use Crystals to Embellish Ritual Tools & Talismans

It’s quite common to see a crystal point at the tip of a wand, or a gemstone embedded in the handle of an athame. Many wear crystals in pendants and talismans for protection and good fortune. Crystals will add a little bit of magic to anything they adorn.

Add Positive Energy to an Altar or Personal Space

Crystals have a way of raising the vibrations of a space to a higher level. Keeping a crystal cluster or point on your altar will help keep your sacred space in balance. Citrine clusters in your home can help you keep your environment feeling sunny and bright. Amethyst encourages tranquility and helps quiet the mind, making it ideal for a meditation area or altar space.

Read our blog post Best Crystals for Healing & Magic to discover the ideal crystal for your personal space!

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