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What to Write in Your BOS

What is a BOS? A Book of Shadows contains the specific beliefs of an individual or group of individuals who practice the traditions of Wicca or Witchcraft.. Today some choose to purchase a Book of Shadows written by another practitioner, and simply follow the author’s instructions for circle casting, the consecration of tools, religious rituals, coven organization, initiation ceremonies and more. This article is for those who prefer to create their own Book of Shadows and keep the contents private.

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Rich Witch or Poor Witch – The Cost of Tools

(Reprinted from an earlier issue of the Inner Circle newsletter)

The following email excerpt expresses a common concern of those who are just starting out:

“I am very low on cash and cannot afford the proper tools … I feel that my financial status holds me back from fulfilling my destiny of becoming a true Wiccan.”

If you don’t have money to buy the tools you want, make the best of what you have.  Be creative and find new ways to make old things work.  If you can’t buy books, check them out from a library or log on to the Internet for endless hours of reading.  I believe the richest, most powerful witches in this world are not the ones with the most money or the best tools … the richest ones are those who can allow the Divine magic to flow through their lives without any tools at all!

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Creating Your Own Book of Shadows or Grimoire

A Book of Shadows (BOS) is one of the most important tools a Witch has. Some have been passed down through Covens or from one individual to another, but today most are written by solitary practitioners.  It’s basically your magical diary or journal, where you record all your experiences, rituals, spells and lore. 

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