We Are Celebrating Our 25th Birthday With A Nice Gift for YOU

We truly appreciate your support. Some of you have been visiting our website for over two decades now, while others have just joined us. We are thankful for all of our visitors, regardless of how long you have been with us, Our Online Magical Store has put together a $25 gift set to celebrate our website’s 25th birthday. During the month of May, every customer whose order totals $25 or more (not including shipping) will AUTOMATICALLY receive one of these special gift sets. There is no need to add it to your cart!

Each gift set will include an essential oil, herb. incense, candle and a crystal gemstone. All gifts are selected for you by the store. This offer starts now and runs through May 31, 2022. We believe you’ll be pleased with the items in this special gift set. Thanks again for shopping with us and for supporting our website these past 25 years!

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