Will the Real God and Goddess Please Stand Up

One of the first things you discover when you begin to explore a Wiccan or Pagan path is that there are many different deities honored in these traditions. How do you know who to connect with?  Are some gods or goddesses better than others? Many of us grew up being told there was only one true divine power. How can we be sure all these old deities are even real?

Since the beginning of time, we have found many different ways to describe the Divine. Our names and descriptions of this power or energy may differ in each culture or religion, but its existence and the universal laws it governs have remained unchanged throughout the centuries. 

If we worried less about the actual name our religion gave to our God or Goddess and focused more on those never-changing Divine laws, there would certainly be fewer religious battles. As you choose what deities you want to work with, know that no matter what their names are, they all abide by the same universal laws. 

As I began to explore Wicca, I discovered that the Goddess and God were basically viewed as the feminine and masculine aspects or extensions of the One. This was a familiar concept, as I had been raised to believe that there was a single God who was represented by two primary figures. In most every religion the Divine has also been represented by multiple messengers. In some traditions these are simply called spirits or angels, while in others they are referred to as individual gods and goddesses. Thus one could argue that the biggest difference between our religious beliefs may simply be in the words or terminology used to describe them.

Some believe that all Goddesses are one Goddess and all Gods are one God. I like this thought. It might help if you imagine religion as the branches of an ancient tree.  Visualize its roots planted deeply in the rich soil below (represented by the Earth Mother or Goddess) and all the branches reaching up to the vast sky above (Sky Father or God). Some of the limbs are very old, while other branches have only appeared in recent years. Each one supports many leaves that come and go throughout the seasons. Are the older branches the only true branches? Who are we to say which limb is real or which is the best?
We can view the different gods and goddesses as aspects of one divine power or we can see them each as an individual deity. The way we choose to describe them will not change them. Just like the branches on the ancient tree, they are all real.

I’ll leave you with this thought: It is widely accepted that the Divine is within all living things. In my humble opinion, when we care for the earth, its creatures and each other, we are honoring the REAL goddess and god.

Excerpt from Enriching Your Life With Wicca – Kardia’s new book, coming soon!

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